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Clothes for dogs

Now small dogs have become very popular. But with the coming of winter they will have to Fight frost. Of course, you can be saved by buying warm clothesFor his pet in a pet store at an inflated price. But you can also just take a sock and, making a suit out of it for your dog, save a lot of money.

It is better to take the sock warm enough. Perhaps you have somewhere lounged alone without a pair, so you can take it. So, to create A dress for a dog You only need a sock and scissors.

Clothes for dogs

  1. Cut the sock along the dashed lines.
  2. Clothes for a dog from a sock

  3. Voila! Now your dog looks very stylish.
  4. Clothes for a dog from a sock

The result not only fulfills its goal, but it is a cool alternative to expensive pet stores. This idea is perfect for Owners of dogs, And as a gift.

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