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Comfortable bed with your own hands

Now enjoy the enormous popularity of chairs that adjust and take the shape of your body. To sit in them is fantastically convenient. such Seat-bags Also very convenient to transport and wash.

"so simple!" Invites you to make a bed that will have the same properties. All you need is a little work.

Bed with your own hands

You will need

  • 730 liters of expanded polystyrene beads
  • About 5 m of red fabric
  • 15 square meters of black fabric


  1. Beads of expanded polystyrene should not be too small.
    Plastic bags
  2. Work on such a bed will take you a lot of time, and materials will need quite a lot.
    Bag in the room
  3. But the most difficult part is not to scatter the balls around the apartment, otherwise it will turn into chaos.
    Uncleaned room
  4. To fill the case, it is better to build a hose and firmly attach it to a bag of styrofoam balls.
    Hose and bag
  5. Work requires a lot of your patience, but the result is worth it.
    Uncleaned room
  6. This photo speaks for itself - 5 square meters of comfort.
    Soft sofa-bag
  7. Compare the size of the bed with a banana to estimate the size of this heavenly corner.

The work will take you about 5 hours. But such a bed will be your favorite Place for rest In the whole house. Falling asleep, you will feel that you are lying on a soft cloud.

Tell your friends how you can create a Oasis of comfort.