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Character of woman and alcohol

Do not rush to think that this article is far from reality. of course, person's character - a very complex substance, it can not beReasoning, relying only on the horoscope, on the person's preferences for eating and drinking, can not be determined only by handwriting ... in order to know someone well, you need to communicate with him for a long time and to visit different life situations. This is the best way to learn the multifaceted character of an interesting person.

As for alcoholic drinks and their choice - it is known that Choice of alcohol Very often depends on the emotional state,In which the person is. Women are generally governed by a greater degree of emotion. On the basis of her emotional feelings a woman makes a choice, anyone - what to wear today and with whom to spend the evening.

If you are on a date with your beloved woman, pay attention to what drink she chooses - it depends on it Emotional background The whole meeting and what will follow.

women! Read these entertaining facts about yourself and alcohol, perhaps it will help you understand some questions about yourself.

Alcohol and the nature of women

Girl and cocktail

  1. champagne
    This effervescent drink is preferred to coquette andGiggles. Choosing champagne women are playful and frivolous, do not mind today to have fun with the soul. It's not surprising that this drink is a regular at exclusively women's parties. From him quickly get drunk, which means that if a woman drinks champagne with you, then she trusts you.
  2. vodka
    This strong liquor drink strong,Strong-willed women with a strong character. They do not hide their desires and get drunk very slowly. Often the desire to drink vodka is caused by women overload. Maybe she was very tired at work or had experienced a lot of psychological stress lately. It is better not to overdo it with vodka, but to choose as a method of calm, relaxation, peace and man's concern.
  3. cognac
    It is a drink of women who need warmth, caring andAffection. Give her more attention, try to understand why she wants a drink? Cognac - this is not a drink, which is quickly drunk, it is chosen by the balanced, self-assured people.
  4. whiskey
    Whiskey is drunk by women without complexes. Because everyone knows perfectly well that from whiskey intoxication comes fairly quickly. If a woman goes for it - she is ready for any turn of events. To drink viskarya seek those who do not have enough thrills in life, new impressions. After drinking, women, like men, can exhibit extravagance, be unpredictable.
  5. tequila
    Drink for extravagant young ladies. To drink tequila means to have good taste, many people consider and choose fashionable cocktails with tequila. If you have enough excess, the behavior of a woman can become completely uncontrollable, especially if she is not used to coping with her emotions. Because it is better to stop the lover of the cunning taste of this drink in time.
  6. Rum-cola
    A simple and clear drink, which is not particularlyAnd intoxicated. It is chosen by cautious young ladies who want to control themselves and everything that happens around them. Of course, you can drink a lot of rum-cola, but usually they drink it only for appearance, trying not to stand out in a company where everyone drinks alcohol.
  7. gin and tonic
    Drink of intellectuals, people who loveTo speculate. After drinking gin and tonic, a woman can start to talk a lot and on different topics. This is a sign that she needs to speak out, that in life she has few moments when she can just be herself. Be an attentive listener - and you will conquer the heart of a gin lover.
  8. Red wine
    Wine is preferred by emotional, passionate natures. With a kind of woman can be restrained, but inside her - a hurricane. Wine is chosen by women who know a lot about food and drink and taste the life in general. With such a drink the evening will pass successfully in any case.
  9. Liqueurs
    Home women who love sweet, veryGreat connoisseurs of liquors. The desire to feel the sweet taste conveys the female desire to have fun, because, surprisingly, it does not sound, liqueur is a very romantic drink.
  10. beer
    A woman chooses beer to be closer toMan, to the men's company. There are, of course, people who just love the taste of this drink with different snacks, but the psychological moment is undeniable - beer is still a man's drink. Such a woman is a good friend, even if it's your wife. Beer is good because it does not get drunk for a long time, and still it can not do as much harm to the female body as other alcoholic beverages from this list. Beer is chosen by smart women.

This is a fairly small list Spirits, But it will help you understand the motives of a woman choosing a particular alcohol. Psychology is not slumbering, the choice of alcohol is a wonderful indicator of the state of the beautiful lady at the moment.

It is worth considering what happens in the lives of women,Seeking to escape from reality with the help of alcohol. Sometimes it's just pampering, and sometimes - a way to show your beloved that she needs care, support and understanding.

In the New Year holidays, alcohol rush captures everyone! Remember about Sense of proportion And drink alcohol with good reason. As it is sung in one famous song: "Do not drink wine, gertruda, drunkenness does not color the ladies". You can feel the rich taste of the drink, even if you drink it a little, and psychological problems with the help of alcohol, alas, are not solved.

Tell all your friends about the relationship of alcohol and the emotional state of women! This information provides the ground for reflection.