/ Facts about space

Facts about space

There is something about which we think very seldom. For example, our The universe And our place in it - thoughts on this occasion infrequently disturb us. And very vain. If one realizes how huge outer space is, you can overestimate many things in your life.

Read these amazing facts, they will change your perception of the scale of your personal problems amid the stunning Space system. We are all pebbles in infinity ...

Facts about space

  1. Look at the earth, its outlines are indescribably beautiful. A blue planet, full of life.
  2. Earth

  3. The land is surrounded by beautiful neighbors.
  4. Planets

  5. This is the distance from the earth to the moon. At first glance, they are not so far apart.
  6. Earth and moon

  7. But between the earth and the moon can safely fit all the other planets of the solar system. so that!
  8. Planets

  9. This would look like North America on Jupiter.
  10. Jupiter

  11. on Rings of Saturn, Like beads, will fit 6 planets the size of the earth.
  12. Saturn

  13. And if the earth had its own rings of Saturn, then the sky above our heads would look something like this:
  14. Saturn rings

  15. The comet, which changed its address from space to terrestrial, is next to Los Angeles. That's how she looks ...
  16. comet

  17. How great the sun is, it is rather difficult to imagine, only in comparison it can be seen.
  18. the sun

  19. So the earth looks from the moon:
  20. Earth from the moon

  21. And so our planet looks from Mars:
  22. Land from Mars

  23. From under the rings of Saturn the earth appears in this form:
  24. space

  25. Our planet is 4 billion kilometers from Neptune.
  26. space

  27. If the earth flew to the sun like Icarus, the ratio of sizes would be:
  28. Earth and sun

  29. The Martian sunset: an unknown beauty.
  30. Martian sunset

  31. But all this goes to the background when you realize that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth.
  32. stars

  33. Many of them exceed the sun in size.
  34. stars

  35. That's where we are in the galaxy:
  36. galaxy

  37. In this yellow circle are placed all the stars that a person can see from the ground.
  38. space

  39. Dimensions Black hole In comparison with the earth and its orbit amaze.
  40. space

When you are upset over trifles, think aboutScale of their sorrows by the standards of the universe. Is it so important for crowded transport, a boring drill in the next room or impolite neighbors? This is the earth, I remind you.


This is the solar system.


Magnify the image.


And once more ...


We look at the increase with enthusiasm and interest:


Here it is, the truth!

Space holds a lot of secrets that humanity has yet to discover. One thing is certain: the greatness of this system makes us think that everything in our world is subject to a certain order.

And if so, man is a non-random being onOur planet. Each has its own purpose. Remember, you need the universe, it's you. Remember and how insignificant are all your torments, experiences and afflictions by galactic measures.

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