/ The Myth of Harmful Cholesterol

The Myth of Harmful Cholesterol

Discussions about the harm and benefits of cholesterolVery reminiscent of the torment of a gamlet from the series "to be or not to be." Can or can not? And if possible, in what quantities and how often? What, absolutely impossible? Even on holidays? Oh, these conjectures and guesses! They said the same: cholesterol - Is dangerous to health. And there should be no exceptions!

But if you dig deeper and make sure that the damage to cholesterol is in fact one of the greatest deceptions? What do you say to that, gentlemen of the jury?

The truth about cholesterol

  1. Oh, these scientists!
    One of the famous scientists, a Viennese surgeon, removingAt experimental goats and sheep the thyroid gland, made a curious discovery. And also stunning: the animals have sharply increased their cholesterol levels! That is, herbivores, who have never tried cholesterol-containing animal food, developed atherosclerosis!

    In other words, precisely Inadequate thyroid function, And not animal fats, is one of the main reasons for the development of atherosclerosis. After this discovery, in the 13th century, atherosclerosis was successfully treated with small doses of thyroid hormones.

  2. Sclerotum

  3. Mass genocide?
    In the second half of the thirteenth century a theory appeared,Whose consequences are tantamount to the implementation of mass genocide. According to this theory, the cause of atherosclerosis is the use of cholesterol, which is contained in animal food. It is the egoism of the narrow-minded scientists and the greed of the pharmaceutical companies that gave rise to one of the greatest myths in the history of mankind that took the health and lives of many people.
  4. Victims of deceit
    Millions of people today are sick Atherosclerosis. But do not think that their lives directlyDepends on the amount of money. Among the victims were even very rich and influential people, for example, the 34th president of the United States dwight eisenhaur. Immediately after the first myocardial infarction, doctors put him on a low-cholesterol diet.

    However, the more restrictive the animal fats were, the moreHigher cholesterol levels, and with it the weight also increased. The result of improper treatment was sad: the president had several more heart attacks, which eventually led to death from a heart attack. It turns out that presidents are also treated not by the most knowledgeable doctors.

  5. pills

  6. Who benefits from it?
    Millions of dollars were thrown at ineffectualScientific developments in order to confirm the "guilt" of animal fats in the onset of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction. However, up to today no real evidence has been provided! Nevertheless, the general public was not informed about this, and Anticholesterol drugs Successfully keep the lead in sales in most of the world's pharmacies.
  7. Where is the dog buried?
    Lower cholesterol is possible thanks toExclusion from the diet of "dense" carbohydrates. It is sweet, rich in starch and refined food is the second most important cause of high cholesterol and atherosclerosis of myocardial arteries.

    However, an elevated cholesterol level isOnly a sign of inflammation in the body, but not its cause! Many factors can affect the integrity of the arterial wall, for example, an elevated level of glucose and insulin in the blood. It is not surprising that half of people who underwent myocardial infarction had a normal cholesterol level. And vice versa, in people with low cholesterol, the death rate is twice as high.

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  9. Some more evidence
    The population of the northern part of India consumes 17 times more animal fat than the population of its southern part. However, the incidence of arterial myocardial atherosclerosis in northerners is 7 times lower.

    Cholesterol is an indispensable substance,Which has also antimicrobial properties. It is necessary both for intrauterine development of the fetal brain, and for the normal function of the central nervous system.

    23% of cholesterol stocks are in the brain. It is not surprising that it is the low cholesterol level that leads to memory loss in middle-aged and older people.

  10. The benefits of cholesterol
    Cholesterol is vital as a building material For the synthesis of vitamin d And hormones, in particular sex and hormonesAdrenal glands. Namely low-cholesterol diet weakens the body's ability to combat stress. And the lack of cholesterol in the diet - this is a real catastrophe for the liver! Is it not better to give her the opportunity to do toxin removal work?

    Few people know that cholesterol is Antioxidant. The lowering of its level increases the risk of developingCancer, sexual dysfunction, memory impairment, Parkinson's disease, stroke, can lead to aggressive behavior and even suicide. Is it because in the low fat diet america there are so many cases of using firearms for the purpose of mass murder, for example in schools?

  11. Fatty scrambled eggs

No one will argue that gray isThe cause of old age. Similarly, cholesterol is not the cause of myocardial infarction. The myth of cholesterol led to the fact that the enemy of heart health declared extremely healthy for the body food - animal fat.

Tell your friends about this myth, which is still believed by many inhabitants of our planet. Be healthy and take care of yourself!