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16 smart inventions

The new era makes us happy that life is amazing. Along with the fact that economic problems do not give rest to the inhabitants of the earth, equipment Is on the brink of fantasy. Could anyone imagine it all 30 more years ago? That things will appear that greatly facilitate the life of a person, making many uncomfortable everyday tasks comfortable?

Look and marvel at how the future unfolds inexorably, as the things of a new technical era appear in your home. Soon they will cease to be for us curiosities, and for now - this The smartest inventions Leaving in 2014. Enjoy!

The smartest inventions of 2014

  1. Alarm clock and coffee machine
    It is much more pleasant to wake up from the smell of fragrant freshly brewed coffee than from a sharp ringtone.
    Alarm clock and coffee machine
  2. Beach umbrella
    An umbrella that is inflated from solar energy. Like a white swan, he will become a beach adornment and save from the sun's rays when it is most needed.
    Beach umbrella
  3. Levitating column
    Levitation - this is effective, but the lotion has andPractical function: "360 ° sound design reduces the absorption of the sound wave on the surface, rising above the charging station of the subwoofer." More simply: it makes the sound much steeper.
    Levitating column
  4. Egg yolk separator
    This orange fish has created a miracle! No more problems with the separation of proteins from yolks.
    Egg yolk separator
  5. Clock Projector
    This interesting thing can also display text messages, emails, calendar, weather changes and notifications from social networks. Futurism of pure water.
    Clock Projector
  6. Self-cleaning aquarium for tropical fish
    The ideal system, which itself will maintain the purity of the aquarium. The dream of all the fans of fish!
  7. Self-cleaning aquarium

  8. Guard-cocoon
    This device may seem sweet, however, this is the most cruel watchdog in the world. He will carefully guard the house with the help of sensors, even through walls and doors.
  9. Stylus for ipad
    A tool that resembles a device from a spaceship. Very convenient thing.
    Stylus for ipad
  10. Pearl - compact mirror and usb battery
    Double functionality: a mirror that charges you with a good mood, and gadgets - with energy.
  11. Family robot
    Aizek azimov was not mistaken. Robots slowly enter our life, and in developed countries, firmly win the position of family assistants. And joyful, and eerie.
  12. Clever cup
    Really, a smart cup that counts the calories of your drink, the amount of trace elements and caffeine in it. She tells you that it's better to drink to relax or cheer up.
    Clever cup
  13. Oil softener knife
    Frozen butter can not be smeared on bread. With a butterup knife you will no longer run into this problem.
    Oil softener
  14. Cat feeder that recognizes the muzzle
    Now your cats and dogs will eat on schedule and no one will eat more than necessary. In addition, the feeder helps to monitor the health of your fuzzy.
    Cat feeder
  15. Aeration and cooling device for wine
    Wine, as if only from a wine cellar - a beautiful reality.
    Wine cooler
  16. Rack for cutlery with a drain
    No problems with stagnant water will no longer be. How does it simply turn out to be solved!
    Rack for cutlery

  17. Grocery scanner
    A portable device that will show you allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories and ingredients contained in your food.
    Grocery scanner

I liked most of all the mirror withRecharging, and really, cool. But what kind of thing did you like? This is only a small part of the inventions, which all appear and appear, taking root in our lives. We live in a unique era, do not forget about it ...

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