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Unusual gifki

What you see now can surprise you. These gifki will show you how some entertaining Processes and phenomena. I liked to see how to make a tattoo. But what struck you? Learn something new is always so exciting!

Unusual processes and phenomena

  1. Refraction of light in water
  2. Refraction of light in water

  3. The gladiator spider attacks
  4. Attack of the gladiator

  5. Tattooing
  6. Tattooing

  7. That's what happens when snake venom gets into the blood ... goose bumps.
  8. snake poison

  9. solar eclipse
  10. solar eclipse

  11. Crushing nuclear explosion
  12. nuclear explosion

  13. Very clever crow
  14. Raven

  15. Tears in space
  16. Tears in space

  17. 3d-printing
  18. 3d-printing

  19. This is how the soap bubble freezes
  20. How the soap bubbles up

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