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Products from plastic spoons

Today it is very fashionable to use ordinary things notFor their intended purpose. For example, who would have thought that from disposable plastic cutlery you can make a very original and very beautiful decoration of your four walls?

"so simple!" Will show you how you can make out of ordinary Plastic spoons, Which can be bought in any supermarket, a lamp, a clock or even a frame for a mirror.

plastic spoons

What to make of plastic spoons

  1. At first glance, no one would have guessed that this lamp is made of spoons. To make such a lamp you will also need a plastic bottle, paints and glue.
    Lamp from plastic spoons

    Trim a few spoons and paint them with paint using a brush or spray. Then paste them on the bottle.

    Lamp from plastic spoons

    You can make the top of the cardboard. Be careful with the use of such a lamp - buy energy-saving light bulbs so that the plastic does not melt.

  2. Lamp from plastic spoons

  3. Also you can make such a simple, but very nice decoration for your table. Your guests will never guess what this flower was made from.
  4. Decoration from plastic spoons

  5. For such a chrysanthemum clock you need about 250 spoonfuls. They will add colors to your interior.
  6. Original watches

    For their manufacture, you need to cut a ring of dvp, which you will glue plastic spoons, petals.

    Chrysanthemum clock

  7. You can also make a frame for the mirror. On execution this idea is very similar to a chrysanthemum clock.
    Mirror frame

    It looks great, does not it?

  8. Mirror frame

I would never have thought that from simple plastic spoons you can make such a fantastic decoration of the apartment. You will still be thrown away Disposable dishes In the trash?

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