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Movies for the New Year

Really "New Year" films that can create a festive atmosphere is not so much. under new Year There are a lot of films, but few of them want to be reviewed again.

Certainly, such films are more at Americans,But, nevertheless, among the domestic paintings there are worthy representatives of this genre, capable of equal competition with overseas counterparts. Below are collected 10 domestic films, able to give the atmosphere of the holiday just before the new year.

New Year films

  1. search a woman
    search a woman

    A small notary office in paris. The secretary of the alice, adoring the detectives, becomes the only witness of the tragic incident. Then she will have to conduct the investigation on this matter herself. The most noteworthy is that the action is not transferred to another place for a moment, everything revolves around the damned office!

  2. Orphan

    When to expect a miracle? Does it happen? is it possible to? The answers to these questions are given by the film "the orphan of Kazan". There is a miracle, and can be incredible, desirable and even ridiculous. And wait for him better for the new year. Let not under the tree, but ... somewhat in a different form.

  3. Come see me
    Come see me

    This is another wonderful, kind and amazing fairy tale, which occurred not somewhere in the far-away state, but in an ordinary Moscow apartment with ordinary people.

    And miracles are so simple, everyday, but which are sometimes not enough. Mikhail agranovich together with the inimitable Oleg Yankovsky created a real Russian cinema, as we want to see it.

  4. Frostily

    On this film has grown more than one generation of children: A fairy tale, but also a folk tale. A mixture of all kinds of fabulous legends of Russia, in what form our mothers and grandmothers told us, in this way, and collected them in the most remarkable film by Alexander Row, moreover, he gave a unique color to each hero and dressed epics in the cinema.

  5. New Year's adventures of the machine and viti
    New Year's adventures of the machine and viti

    "New Year's adventures of the machine and viti" - a fairy tale aboutMagic, good, good and bad deeds, courage, nobility and intelligence. Two children go to a fairy-tale country to help Santa Claus free his beloved granddaughter from the captivity of the Koshchei.

    And who they just do not meet on the way: a cat, a dog, a woman yaga, an apple tree, a stove. But Masha and Vitya overcome all obstacles, and all thanks to the mind of whining and kindness of the machine.

  6. old New Year
    old New Year

    In the pre-holiday fuss is always useful to seeThis film is about our life with the good old actors. The most unforgettable in it is, of course, the dialogues. While the heroes did not need anything special - just to meet the holiday, to communicate with friends and family, along the way understanding themselves.

  7. gentlemen of Fortune
    gentlemen of Fortune

    The classic comedy of genius, shot in the USSR nearly forty years ago, will never lose that spark, the atmosphere that the actors and filmmakers wanted to convey to us.

    That easy and native humor will always remain in the hearts of people who truly value the art of cinema.

  8. Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession
    Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession

    "Ivan Vasilevich changes his profession" - not onlyA favorite film of millions of Russians, but also a masterpiece of world cinema. Great movie. If only because revising it a million times, people do not stop laughing at jokes that "do not get bored" with every new viewing.

    Knowing the script almost by heart, you still want to watch again and again. Everything in this movie is incomparable: the play of actors, phrases that still sound to this day, songs ...

  9. Poor sasha
    Poor sasha

    The film should be watched by everyone who loves a warm, family movie. He is kind, gentle, very kind of native. Everyone will find something close to themselves here.

    "Poor Sasha" - this sketch of our life - sometimes ridiculous, fast, full of joys and disappointments full of love.

  10. Cinderella

    It's just a real fairy tale. Transformations, villains, many, many kindness, some kind of fairy-tale heat. The actors put in their heroes all the kindness and tenderness that they could.

    just think about it: The war ended only recently (the film was created in 1947), and people already had the strength to create such a wonderful film. He is not only fairy, but also instructive: he calls to love and do good.

these New Year films Do not bother ever, they want to be reviewed dozens of times. These masterpieces of Russian cinema will always warm us with their warmth and kindness.

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