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Clever bracelet

You had to fall into a situation where alcohol was drunk more than necessary, and friends were not around? Have you ever had force majeure for this reason?

Yes, alas, statistics show that in a state Alcohol intoxication A person can become a victim of an accident with a high probability.

Smart bracelet

Especially for the safety of people at parties andOther activities with a lot of alcohol created this amazing invention. A device that helps friends keep a connection is called vive. This bracelet that contains Transdermal sensor, Which determines the level of alcohol in the blood.

Also, the bracelet includes a device that controls the level of dehydration of the body and other devices that allow you to determine the deviations from Normal human condition. In the event that the owner of the vive, for example, faints, the device sends a signal to his friends and notifies the required assistance.

Smart bracelet

On the idea of ​​developers, the bracelet should connect with smartphones of a certain group with the help of bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in gps device can Track the whereabouts of friends Of its owner.

Imagine the whole usefulness of this thing onFuture Christmas parties? Considering the development of technology, soon such a smart bracelet can be purchased at an affordable price, because it can not be said that you did not want to buy it! This is an extremely useful thing, taking care of your Security Then, when you can not take care of yourself anymore.

Of course, it is better not to bring yourself to this state and know the sense of proportion in everything. Share an interesting article with information about it The original gadget with friends!