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Reasons to give a child a dog

Do you want the child to grow up to be a full-fledged person, healthy and perfectly able to communicate with other people? Is enough Have a dog, And she will make such a significant contribution to the upbringing of a small man who will not replace any other life experience.

These 12 reasons will help you finally get a dog home for the joy of the child. Man's best friend Will create in the house a favorable atmosphere for the upbringing of a happy and self-assured baby.

Why a child needs a dog

  1. Children who live with dogs are less sick
    Staying in the same house with a dog raises immunity Children of any age, including babies. According to studies, children who are in the dog society are much less likely to have respiratory and other infectious diseases.

    Many are trying to protect children from childhoodSuperfluous microbes, isolating them from the surrounding world and placing them in sterile conditions. It damages immunity, weakens it, whereas microbes living on a dog create a miracle - they stimulate the protective forces of the child's body.

  2. Baby with dog

  3. Doggie gives self-confidence
    A child suffering from self-doubt,Heal about this unpleasant trait thanks to the dog. Responsibility for caring for a living being makes children confident in their own abilities. Caring for another brings up character - the child will become stronger, will feel its importance, because it depends on the life of the pet.

    A good idea is to teach the child to read along with the dog. Some children are embarrassed to read aloud, so that others can hear them, but nobody will refuse to read a favorite fairy tale to a dog!

  4. Baby with dog

  5. Fighting allergies and asthma
    The presence of the dog helps to cope even with such childish troubles as Allergy and asthma. This is due to the miraculous increase in immunity, which is mentioned above. So if your child suffers from these ailments, be sure to get a dog!
  6. Baby with dog

  7. healthy heart
    Owners of dogs - everything, both children, and adults -Less exposed to stress, this animal miraculously calms, relieves anxiety. Caressing the dog, the owner automatically strengthens his cardiovascular system, because blood pressure decreases during communication with the pet, the nervous system rests.
  8. Baby with dog

  9. active lifestyle
    The dog promotes the instillation of love for sports in the child, to a more mobile way of life. Walks and jogs with the dog are priceless for the child's physical health!
  10. Baby with dog

  11. Best friend for kids with autism
    Reducing anxiety, dogs do wonders - they create a comfortable environment, even for very troubled children with autism, for hyperactive children, helps cope with the syndrome of distracted attention.
  12. Baby with dog

  13. The dog strengthens the family!
    Caring for the dog together, all family members become friendly, family ties are strengthened. Love for a friendly and playful creature unbelievably unites all - brothers, sisters, spouses.
  14. Baby with dog

  15. daily regime
    The dog teaches the child to the regime of the day when it is necessaryEarly wake up and walk with a tailed miracle. Discipline and order come with the appearance of the dog. A great solution for all unassembled schoolchildren!
  16. Baby with dog

  17. Indispensable communication
    Communicating with the dog, children learn to communicate with other people! If you want the child to be very developed Communicative and social skills, Give him a dog.
  18. Baby with dog

  19. a true friend
    A dog teaches children to love - she gives her loveIn its pure form, completely unselfishly. The child feels loved, necessary since childhood, because in the future he can give his love to others. Many people do not know how to do it right now. What a pity that they did not have a dog in childhood!
  20. Baby with dog

  21. Development of love for work
    Diligence has been planted since childhood, and the dog is veryPositively affects this quality. To care for a hairy pet, you need to make efforts, work hard. The secret is that the child will work with pleasure for the benefit of the dog, and working with joy is the foundation for the development of a hardworking, energetic person.
  22. Baby with dog

  23. happiness
    Playing with a dog, a child learns real happiness! One reason is enough to settle a four-witted miracle at home.
  24. Baby with dog

After reading these 12 reasons to get a dog, you certainly want to invite her to your house. why not? Your child deserves Have such a beautiful friend. All the efforts spent on his care will be rewarded with interest. The dog will do for the kid more than the best nanny.

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