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"Around the world for 80 diets"

"What do I eat: Around the world for 80 diets "- this is the fascinating project of photographer Peter Menzel, who traveled around the world from Bangladesh and to Brazil, photographed the diet of 80 different people from 30 countries.

It shows the global attitude of man to food and the problems that are associated with it. His observations are striking. For example, an ordinary family from Australia spends $ 376.45 per week on Food, When a family of the same size from the child spends a little more than one dollar on them.

"What I eat: around the world for 80 diets"

  1. 38-year-old Maasai shepherd. Height - 168 centimeters, weight - 48 kg. Daily calorie intake - 800.

    Products: corn flour and milk.

  2. A 40-year-old camel trader from Egypt. Height - 177 centimeters, weight - 75 kg. Daily calorie intake - 3200.

    Products: eggs, butter, beans, feta cheese, potato chips, black tea, rice and soup.

  3. 20-year-old army soldier of the United States. Height - 195 centimeters, weight - 88 kg. Daily calorie intake - 4000.

    Products: ready-to-eat food.

  4. 36-year-old vocal teacher and composer from Latvia. Height - 183 centimeters, weight - 83 kg. Daily calorie intake - 3900.

    Products: egg, rye bread with ham, cheese, butter, chicken, potatoes, mayonnaise and biscuits.

  5. 16-year-old Chinese acrobat. Height - 157 centimeters, weight - 45 kg. Daily calorie intake - 1700.

    Products: yoghurt, pork ribs, noodles, eggs, broth, green tea.

  6. 45-year-old Tibetan monk. Height - 165 centimeters, weight - 72 kg. Daily calorie intake - 4900.

    Products: butter, tea, cheese, barley flour, soup with noodles and potatoes.

These photos show how our Ration Depend on prosperity, position in society and even nationality. Now in the world there is a problem of malnutrition and hunger, and these photos help us better understand it.

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