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Using wooden boards

You never know where you can come in handy. Old boards. These ideas of the unusual use of the details of wooden boxes will surely please you - see how you can adapt absolutely unnecessary, it would seem, plates. In fact, it's a valuable material!

One family even managed to make of oldBoxes of laminate in your house, what to say about using boards for making new shelves, for example. Get inspired and create at home no less beautiful things!

What to make of wooden pallets

  1. Suspended flower bed - very original interior decoration. The ideal option for giving.
  2. Suspended flower bed

  3. Here's how you can draw a flower bed. Looks very cool.
  4. Bed

  5. The use of planks in the design of beds is a brilliant idea.
  6. Bed from pallets

  7. There will not be such a baby crib! Incredibly stylish.
  8. Children's bed from pallets

  9. A cot for a cat - so cute, and a pet will be delighted with natural material.
  10. Bed for a cat

  11. From wooden boards it will turn out quite a decent sofa! And how convenient are the shelves at the bottom - a bunch of extra space.
  12. Sofa from pallets

  13. A find for those who like to bring home a crowd of guests. Multi-level places for Seats from old plates!! Such furniture is quite expensive in the store, and it's not worth anything to make it yourself from old boxes.
  14. Seats from old plates

  15. A shelf for drinks in the kitchen. And comfortable, and very elegant.
  16. Shelf for drinks

  17. For a more economical use of space, you can hang kitchen utensils on such a wooden hanging stand.
  18. Wooden pendant stand

  19. Even a table can be made of plates, if desired.
  20. Table of pallets

  21. A perfect place to relax on the veranda. A comfortable rocker will be appropriate even in a small apartment! I want that…
  22. swing

  23. Improvised shelf for shoes. No more mess in the corridor!
  24. Shoe rack

  25. Steps from wooden pallets - A new look at the diversity of space.
  26. Steps from wooden pallets

  27. A whole set of furniture for relaxation - a table and wonderful armchairs. An exclusive option!
  28. A set of furniture for rest

Do such interesting things at home. They will decorate any situation and will please you with their functionality. Make your life beautiful and comfortable, to achieve this easier than you used to think. If there is beauty and order in your house, pacification also settles in your soul.

Even with Old boxes You can get close to the image of your dream home. Remember that the things you make with your hands are the most expensive, you put your soul into them, because they serve you long and true.

Show your friends these wonderful ideas on using old wooden pallets!