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Men's Rules

Be a man - a difficult task, if only because we have to understand women. On the Internet there are tons of articles about women's rules. We decided to write our own, male rules.

If you want to understand us better, learn them by heart, because they are applicable to any real man.

Jude Law

Men's rules

  1. If we ask "what happened?", And you say "nothing", then we will behave as if nothing had happened. We, of course, understand that this is a lie. But is there any point in arguing?
  2. If you ask a question to which Do not want to hear the answer, Expect an answer that you do not want to hear.
  3. If you consider yourself Thick, Most likely it's true. But we do not need to ask this.
  4. If what we have said can be interpreted In two ways, And one of the interpretations acts on you like a red rag on a bull, we had in mind the second.
  5. You can ask us Do something or explain, How should we do this. But not at the same time. Otherwise you will do everything yourself, you know better.
  6. If you want something, Speak right. With us translucent hints do not work. Even autumn transparent hints are useless. Why is it so hard to say everything directly?
  7. Learn to interact with Toilet seat, You're still not a little girl. If you need it to be lowered, so lower it, I'm not complaining that you are raising it.
  8. Almost every question can be answered with just two words - "Yes and no".
  9. We need in order to solve problems, So share with us only what can be solved. For other problems, you have girlfriends.
  10. if headache Does not pass 17 months, with you clearly something is wrong. Descend or go to the doctor.
  11. What we said more than 6 months ago, To remember senselessly. The expiration date of any phrase expires not later than a week.
  12. Please, save everything you wanted to say Before advertising.
  13. No one's christopher did not tell Where to swim. And we do not!
  14. So that you know, peach is a juice, not a color. Pumpkin is a cake, not a color either. And we even Have no idea, What is coral or mauve.
  15. if something Itches, It is necessary to scratch. dot.
  16. If we need Go somewhere Together, absolutely any clothing will do.
  17. Tears are blackmail.
  18. If you do not want to talk about hockey, the device motherboard, the internal combustion engine or the foreign policy of the United States, then do not ask, What are we thinking about.

that's all.

Jokes jokes, but it's all really true. we love Simplicity In communication, we will easily solve your problems, if, of course, it is generally realistic and we are ready to take care of you.

Tell your friends and girlfriends about these men's rules!