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Laminate made of wooden boxes

If a strong, friendly family starts a joint project - it will be something really grandiose! A vivid proof of that is what happened to this family.

The whole 18 months took the embodiment of this interesting idea to life. But it was worth it. Courageous people decided not to hire specialists to Remodel At home. They came up with the idea to create it with their own hands, and this is admirable.

Old wooden boxes that were usedFor transportation of coconut oil, served as a building material. They were made of high quality wood. A man who thought of using these ordinary boxes - genius! Many would throw them away. Magic: for someone it's just garbage, and someone can create a miracle from nothing ...

Homemade laminate made of wooden boxes

  1. The first step is to disassemble the boxes on the boards, removing the nails. In this family all worked together, even a small son was involved in the process.
    A boy with a hammer
  2. About 9000 (!) Nails were extracted from the boards.
  3. The next stage is polishing and polishing boards. A friend of the family came to the rescue to do it quickly and efficiently. After all, each board had to be brought into a decent appearance.
    Polishing boards

    Polishing boards

  4. When the tree was prepared, it's time to assemble the parquet floor. This is a long and time-consuming procedure.
    Floor assembly

    How to lay laminate

  5. It's good that a small assistant distracted employees from time to time, playing with pieces of wood. Everyone had time to rest.
    Child on the floor
  6. After all the boards were in their places,Nailed and polished, the toilers saw the result of their painstaking work. Looks impressive! A variety of natural shades of wood mixed in a beautiful picture of the new sex. laminate Always looks exquisite!
    Laminate from wooden boxes

    Homemade laminate

If the family did not work together, theyThat it would not be possible to do this. A lot of time and effort was spent, but the result is beyond praise. When you're going to think of doing something alone, remember this friendly family. From many bright ideas can be done Family project. You will receive not only help and support from your family, but you will be satisfied with the result.

Homemade laminate

Tell your family the wonderful story of this family, inspire them to do something with their relatives.