/ The Dark Side of Love

The Dark Side of Love

To be very happy, you need to experience a lot of sadness. In fact, it is impossible to feel real happiness Without a thorough understanding of how it could be bad. The realization of how low you can drop elevates you when you are at the top of the world. There is no better way to know the heights and bottoms of life than to love someone.

Understand love Means to understand that this feeling can be with youDo, how can make yourself feel, and how it is steadily changing a person. Love absorbs your life and is inevitably the deciding factor of whether she will be happy or not.

It is impossible to love and yet not feel pain,Which accompanies this feeling. When you think about love and about what it means to love a person, you most likely take into account only positive moments, ignoring negative ones. We often imagine love as the pinnacle of happiness - but it's not her.

The whole truth about love


love Are not only positive feelings, but also negative ones. This is the whole experience as a whole: beautiful and monstrous things that make people feel more alive than ever.

Do not and should not try to avoid being sadThe side of love. Love for man is always associated with a sense of loss. You want to merge, becoming a part of each other, and since this is impossible, you will always feel that there is a part of another person that you still do not fully know.

There is always the risk of losing an expensive person -If not now, then sometime for sure. You do not have to separate the death of one of the partners. There is a high probability that over time you will part yourself.

Sometimes relationships die, and love goes away togetherwith them. Time, people and circumstances change people. The love that you once felt burns or fades, and the person who was everything to you becomes a stranger.

You can spend together the last few years, and only now realize that the person next to whom you wake up is no longer the person you knew him. To realize this can be very difficult.

Now you have to make a choice: continue to walk through life next to this person or Survive the loss And start all over again.

Sooner or later Love dies, And this only gives it more value. And all the sad feelings that you feel towards people who were once part of your life, but are no longer her, are also one of its manifestations.

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