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Reasons to undress more often

Why abroad is considered absolutely normal To be without clothes in sauna? No, it's not wild customs. The fact that people can calmly, coolly undress before each other - a sign of a high level of culture. It is completely not peculiar to us, we are in trouble. As a result of public pressure, advertising, imposed norms of beauty, everyone suffers: girls, women, and men.

It is considered that not Love your body And it's critical to treat yourself - it's a good tone ... but there are 5 reasons for undressing you. Think, is it close to you?

Why it is useful to undress

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  1. The ideal is an illusion
    From childhood we are told that it is necessary to use cosmetics, to wear uncomfortable, but beautiful clothes, to watch the figure. As a result, we are in a constant state of stress - to Be beautiful and love yourself, It is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. End-edge to these conditions can not be seen, there is no limit to perfection.

    If you get undressed in a public bathhouse andYou will be among the other naked people, you will understand that no one is perfect. And you realize that all stereotypes imposed on you are so far from reality that it's even funny. No one is perfect, look around.

    Fear of looking ridiculous And ridiculously moves people who are afraidUndress before others. It means that they are afraid of themselves, they are afraid of their own body. Staying in a group of stripped people will help you get rid of this fear and feel your nature - an ordinary person who is beautiful in itself.

  2. Love instead of criticism
    Society teaches us to judge and criticize othersPeople instead of loving each other, caring for the neighbor. Stripped people open each other - this is a sign of trust, it means that no one will throw on you crooked looks, all on one level. Try at least once to treat others without fear, anger and condemnation. Be naked among the same naked - an excellent practice that makes people kinder.
  3. Naturalness
    Oddly enough, the fetters of the consumerSociety very quickly lose power over people who tried to be without clothes in the company of others. You will no longer want to wear heels too often and make your appearance sophisticated. You will understand that natural beauty is the best kind of beauty, and there is no point in resisting it. Naturalness is always in fashion and is very much appreciated.
  4. You are not your body
    The body is given to you by nature, but you are somethingMore than just a physical shell. The practice of undressing will help you to know this secret. The body is constantly changing, while you are reading this article, changes are taking place in your skin, physically you are no longer the person who was a couple of days ago.

    Undressing and accepting your body, you will know betterIts nature. It is there and it serves you, today the body is one, tomorrow is another. And the point is that if you love yourself and approach life consciously, your body will be longer than the young and beautiful. Instead of fencing off from him, taking care of the body and accepting it just like that.

To be happy, it is necessary Be in harmony with your body. It guarantees you health, both physical,Both mental and mental. Now you know that to be without clothes in public places - in a sauna, for example - it is very useful for your consciousness. If this opportunity arises, be sure to use it, discarding prejudice. The benefits of this event are obvious to you.

Love yourself and your body! Came to friends this article about why Stripping is useful.