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Signs of Love

Have you ever been in love? Yes, this is a stupid question. Each of us knows this feeling perfectly. For some reason people are afraid to admit to themselves in this, repelling their experiences, even if all the signs of love are there. For some, say: "I love you"- a real feat, you need to make such an effort over yourself that you are simply marveling.

How to recognize love To another person and why is it so difficult to admit to yourself in your own feelings? Let's understand. Love can manifest itself in very different ways, and this makes it a unique, multi-faceted feeling.

Signs of love

Lovers in bed

  1. He / she makes your life unbearable, but you endure
    It's amazing, but the person you love canForgive almost everything. Whatever he does, whatever mistakes he makes, no matter how angry you are, you forgive. Love justifies and forgives, even when your ego resists it.

    When you say to a loved one: "How do you infuriate me!","Yes, I just hate you for it!"- this is not what you mean. Words convey your negative emotions, caused by certain actions of a loved one, but they say in the end only that this person is not indifferent to you.

  2. It does not matter what you talk about together
    You can chat on completely abstract topics,But to receive from this indescribable pleasure, because to you it is simply good together. It does not matter what the conversation is about. Communication on the phone in a sleepy state can give you a state of true happiness not from conversation, but from what you say to your loved one.
  3. You complicate your life for the sake of this person
    To meet your love, you are ready forUnthinkable deeds: quickly arrive to the other end of the city, go wherever I would not go under any circumstances, sacrifice my own time, my hobby ... this list for myself can list for a long time. Only to see this valuable person, you are ready to overcome any obstacles.
  4. You readily comply with any requests
    For yourself you will not try so hard, as forLoved one. Run around the city in search of a necessary thing for a loved one - yes easily! Do something that will help him / her at work - of course! And if you do these things together, then any boring trip on business and shopping becomes joyful!

  5. You are not shy of your body
    When you love a person, you open up before him so much that your imperfect body ceases to excite you. No physical moments do not confuse you, and this is real intimacy.
  6. Even fleeting conversation matters
    Two minutes of talking on the phone with your loved oneCan be the brightest part of your day. The important thing is not how much time you spend together, it's important that you feel like you're catching up with the energy of love that overwhelms you, even in those two minutes.
  7. You are emotional
    The presence of a loved one makes you moreEmotional, you experience everything more strongly and perceive the world more fully, brighter. You shout together: for joy and anger ... you can not restrain yourself. This is a sign of emotional freedom - with anyone you can not feel as free as with someone you love.
  8. Time spent together is not wasted
    You can lie all day in bed withLoved, but do not feel that this day is lost. On the contrary, you will remember this pastime with tenderness and significance, although nothing useful has happened.
  9. You have many questions to this person
    All the questions that interest you and anyImportant thoughts you want to tell someone you love. You want to share the most intimate - the one that has the greatest importance for you. and that is great! So you open your thoughts to another person - this is the openness of the mind.
  10. Everything reminds you of her / him
    When you see something interesting, immediatelyThe thought comes, oh, if she could see it! Even minor things evoke memories of a loved one, little things, details: a song, a street story, a picture. Your life is filled with meaning, it becomes more complete when you love.
  11. you are afraid
    Love is terrible because you understand: It can hurt you. You trust, you reveal yourself to this person, but you do not know what will happen next, how he will behave. Love makes you vulnerable, because often there is a desire to push your loved one away and live, feeling protected from disappointments and love troubles.

    This person is so important to you, because you are in front of him - as in the palm of your hand, you are at his disposal, because you are very afraid of losing him.

These sides of love are known to everyone, just notIt is always customary to think about them. You open yourself to your loved one - physically and emotionally - you let him into your mind. You become free when you are in love. At the same time you are not protected in love, you drop your shell, your mask, you are disarmed.

It is necessary to find The balance between freedom and vulnerability, Then your love will please you much more than grieve. Many sincerely believe that love does make people better. Use this magic state to improve.

Do not be afraid to admit to yourself that you love! Tell your friends about this article - remind them of A wonderful feeling.