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Home for a happy childhood

The place where you spent your childhood is veryCarefully in the most expensive corner of memory. All the things from childhood are associated with vivid impressions, with the first experiences - here you learned to ride a bicycle, then played with friends, and on this tall tree you risked climbing and for a very long time could not have the courage to go down ... these little details mean so much to you, for each of us.

Example of this family can inspire you to Creating an unforgettable childhood For your children. These ordinary people did not have impressive financial resources, but they managed to create a truly beautiful place where children can play, collecting the best memories. They turned their house into a playground for entertaining adventures, and they did it with a soul. It turned out very cool!

How to build a better home for children

House facade Looks very nice, but does not differ from other similar houses. A typical house of the average family.

House facade

We'll go around the building around. Maybe there we will see something unusual ...


Well-kept flower beds with flowers adorn the path near the house.

Flower beds

Wait, what is this inscription? Road to the beach ??

Area near the house

Hammock in the yard - very cozy thing.

Hammock in the yard

Sand and a wooden beach house really bring thoughts about the sea. In such a hut any games become fascinating!

Beach house

Classic - a tree house.

tree house

Oh, a real pirate ship with all the attendant attributes! The dream of any child ...

Pirate ship near the house

Look, this ship is also on wheels! He can move around the yard! great idea.

Ship on wheels

Play in the "pirates of the Caribbean", even adults do not mind.

Ship on wheels

Hmm, what in this small wooden house?

Small wooden house

Pointers that create a unique atmosphere of travel. This family does not separate itself from the most wonderful cities in the world and since childhood has been raising children's desire for wanderings.


And what is this? Looks tempting. What mountains are visible on the horizon, that's it!

Area near the house

Children's swimming pool Friends from all districts come running here.

Children's swimming pool

Lucky these kids - a fabulous place ...

Children's swimming pool

Homemade UFO. Here's how to develop children's imagination!

Children's flying saucer

Although imagination can be played out not only in children ...

Flying saucer

A children's playroom with everything necessary for a good pastime.

Children's playroom

On this pipe you can go down from the children's room right to the first floor !!!


And here already there is that is necessary for a small heart - a collection of small models of machines, slot machines. My little son would be shining with joy when he saw such a place.

Collection of car models

But the inventor who created this children's paradise. Very modest and nice person.

The man is smiling

A cheerful family celebrates Halloween - riding an old car around your house in costumes is so exciting!

Cheerful family on halloween

This house so pleased my inner child. Immediately wanted to translate something into life at home - a hammock you just need somewhere to attach! in such Incredible house, Will grow up happy people who will love life and rejoice at every moment. How much kinder our world would be, if everyone had such a childhood ...

Send your loved ones photos of this beautiful and very. They will be delighted!