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Children's toys with their own hands

The best toy for a child is the one in whichThe soul is invested. Even in the store you can find something unusual that will long win the heart of a baby, but a toy made by ones own hands is a real treasure. It is unique, no one else will.

You can Make a toy Of natural materials, harmless to children's health. And most importantly - a homemade toy very much develops a child's imagination!

These ideas for Children's handicraft things Evoke emotion. Look, maybe you will want to please with such a charm of your child!

How to make toys for children

  1. The dream of the little mistress
    From an old bedside table there will be here such unit for a toy kitchen. What a nice color ...
  2. Toy kitchen

  3. Convenient shelves
    Shelf for containers with spices can be adapted as supports for small children's books from cardboard. More they will not roll around the kitchen!
  4. Coasters for small books

  5. Original dress
    From an old daddy's shirt you can sew a pretty dress for your daughter. Or for her doll.
  6. Original dress

  7. Cups for pencils
    The old phonebook is well-equipped with different accessories for drawing.
  8. Cups for pencils

  9. Interior decoration
    An interesting way of storing children's drawings so that they are not lost and are in sight.
  10. Storage of children's drawings

  11. Tic-tac-toe
    From such a toy even an adult will not refuse, the design is magnificent!
  12. Tic-tac-toe

  13. Mini-kitchen
    Another version of a small kitchen - the girl will be delighted.
  14. Mini-kitchen

  15. House-suitcase
    In the old suitcase you can arrange a doll house. great idea!
  16. House-suitcase


  17. Storage of toys
    Store toys under the children's bench - a classic! Plastic containers are very convenient.
  18. Storage of toys

  19. Funny bib
    A bib, made of a shirt - it's brilliant!
  20. Bib

  21. Box with a secret
    From the drawer for bed linen can be built a whole game world! Which very conveniently fits under the bed.
  22. Box with a secret

  23. Body shirts
    Old T-shirts are perfectly adapted to children's body.
  24. Children's body

  25. Baskets for toys
    Such baskets on the walls will save the house from confusion and interest the child.
  26. Baskets of toys

  27. Sock for gifts
    In such a socks made of jeans, they will definitely put together great gifts!
  28. Sock for gifts

  29. Piglet from a bottle
    Pig-piggy from a plastic bottle is amazing.
  30. Piglet from a bottle

  31. Cars of the future
    That's what cars are made from conventional plastic cans! Super-idea.
  32. Car of plastic cans

  33. Entertaining labyrinth
    A labyrinth of cardboard boxes - a place for frenetic entertainment.
  34. Maze of cardboard boxes

  35. We bring up a climber
    Such a merry hill of old tires will become an island of children's happiness.
  36. Roller coaster

  37. Improvised fireplace
    Holiday atmosphere, which is very easy to create!
  38. Improvised fireplace

Make a miracle for a child - very easy! Your efforts will be generously rewarded, because children's gratitude is the most sincere. When you see the shine in the eyes of a kid, carried away by a toy, your wings will grow with joy. Try to create something Interesting with their own hands, It is never too late to develop a creative beginning.

These toys will become a favorite for any child! Share original ideas for needlework with friends who have kids.