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12 rituals for a successful year

The beginning of the new year is the most favorable time for positive Changes in life. The outgoing year brought you a lot of lifeExperience, and now you know what it would be like to change. Failures at work, in personal life, in relationships with others - leave it all in the past. It's time to behave in a completely atypical way for you!

For example, try to implement these 12Rituals. Over a period of 12 days, do one of them daily. Only by changing the habitual behavior, you will achieve the desired result. It is very foolish to expect change, doing the same as before. Go the other way - you will be surprised how everything is transformed. Experiment - this is your life, and you have the strength to improve it!

How to change life

  1. breath
    Try to breathe consciously all day. Breathe in full breast, focusing on this his attention. You will not only saturate your body with oxygen, you will feel yourself to be truly alive. Be grateful for every sigh. Value life, you have it alone.
  2. love
    Only the person who unconditionally loves andHe accepts himself, is capable of loving others. To love is to forgive. Forgive yourself all the shortcomings, try to treat yourself with understanding and respect. Because of low self-esteem and discontent with yourself, terrible things happen to you - you are not working well, you are not confident in your own abilities and are not capable of openness in dealing with the world. Love yourself - this is the path to success.
  3. Update
    Man is a piece of nature. Feeling harmony with nature, you draw energy from an inexhaustible source. Look at the sky, watch the sunset, listen to the singing of birds, watch the constellations. Nothing so calms a person as the observation of nature. Contemplate the natural beauty of natural phenomena, and peace will triumph in your heart.
  4. Perfume
    Smells surround you constantly, try to drawThey pay close attention. What smell do you like most? What smell invigorates you? What will happen if you inhale the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon - will you be pleased? Do not forget to use perfume - when you smell nice, your self-confidence increases at times!
  5. success

  6. a game
    It's not about computer games at all. Try to play like a child, better - in outdoor games. Remember how fun to play ball games. The modern world takes away from adults the opportunity to be playful and feel happy about this. Play with your own or another's child, remember what it means unrestrained sincere merriment.
  7. Here and now
    Try not to think about the past and the future - be present here and now, at this point in time. Control your thoughts and actions, drive away the negative from yourself.

    When you realize yourself here - here I am, I read theseWords, I sit in a certain position, I lick my lips - you live the present moment more fully and take out more experience from it than when you are distracted by an endless stream of anxious thoughts. Live in the present tense is the first and most effective remedy for depressions and unnecessary experiences.

  8. Clean space
    Your body needs constant cleanliness, youTake a bathroom, take care of yourself. Exactly the same care requires the surrounding space - it must be clean in your home, work place and even in your thoughts. And if everything is clear with the cleanliness of the house, it is difficult to protect thoughts from garbage.

    Try to stop remembering bad moments, do not get hung up on what is not worth your attention. Let go of the past, which prevents you from enjoying today.

  9. Move on
    Walk, do not use the elevator, do a little exercise in the breaks between work. Activating the body, you bring the brain into tone - use your potential, enough to be lazy and sluggish!
  10. creation
    Try to make something of your own in any business -Add new ingredients to the usual recipe, decorate the house, show creativity at work. When a person is in a constant creative process, his life becomes brighter, more saturated. Inspiration and the possibility of creative realization - everywhere!
  11. wisdom
    Read a good article or book filled withWisdom. Listen to the conversation of a wise man. Knowledge and other people's experience will always be useful to you, fill yourself with information for reflection. This will not only improve the quality of your life, you will become attractive and interesting for other people.
  12. prosperity
    Imagine that you have exactly that amount of money,About which you always dreamed and live the day, feeling yourself a rich man. The secret is that those who feel secure, automatically attracts new financial receipts.
  13. thanks
    Say thank you to everyone who is grateful. Think about why you are grateful to life, to close people. Remember the good done for you by someone. You will understand that everything is not so bad, it will inspire you to be kinder.

Only a thinking person can be trulyHappy - he is watching what happens to him and his life. He understands that any events are the result of what he did. Take responsibility for yourself and your life, believe me, there are no desperate situations!

Let these 12 rituals inspire you every day to work on yourself, then the new year will necessarily be better than the previous one. there are no boundaries for perfection!