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Sunbed-conditioner for dogs

Summer heat can be deadly for pets. The fact is that dogs do not sweat, so the mechanism of their body's natural cooling is imperfect. how Keep a pet from overheating, It is worth thinking about in winter and worthy to prepare.

In hot season the dog should have freeAccess to cool drinking water and stay in a chilled room. But what if on a hot day you leave the dog alone? How to ensure her maximum comfort?

This guy showed everyone how to Take care of a dog for real. He built a special air-conditioning bed, which saved his Labrador from the heat even when the owner was not at home. Get acquainted with an amazing invention!

How to make a lounger for a dog

That's what happened to this resourceful person. The dog settled down on its unusual bed. Let's see how the owner managed to create it.


First he connected a wooden board and a pvc pipe. In the tube made three holes.

A lounger for a dog

To the holes in the pipe, the inventor attached three coolers. Using the old power supply from the computer, he made them work.

A lounger for a dog

That's what the design base looks like. A wooden frame, a trumpet and three coolers.

A lounger for a dog

In conclusion, the owner of the dog attached another pipe to make the cooling even more effective.

A lounger for a dog

To get a couch for the dog, the guy tightly pulled the cloth on a wooden frame. The fabric is quite dense and stretched very well to support the weight of the dog.

A lounger for a dog

In the pipe the inventor placed bottles with frozen water. So he achieved that the air that will circulate through the operation of the coolers will be cold.

A lounger for a dog

The dog is very devoted to its owner and is grateful for such an unusual invention. The air cools down as much as 10 degrees thanks to it!

A lounger for a dog

Such a project is very simple in execution, but it shows how much the owner loves the dog and cares about it. Heat - this is not a joke for a big dog, you need to protect the animal from overheating.

The dog happily spends the most stifling days on its sunbed, she was lucky with the owner. I will definitely do this Rookery for a dog in summer! To love means to improve the life of a loved one.

Show everyone this extraordinary invention, this is an example of real care for your pet!