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Lamp from plastic cups

To make a very beautiful and original thingFor the house, do not necessarily spend a lot of money on materials and make heroic efforts. To create a wonderful, very effective lamp, you will need nothing: 50 plastic cups, a stapler, a garland that remained after New Year's holidays and patience.

When guests see the hands created by the creative owner Interior elementsThey can not be delayed from looking at suchGizmos, and a festive mood arises at all instantly. This lamp is amazing! Just look, and you immediately want to make the same.

A lamp with one's own hands

Decorate the living room can be such a lamp with a garland of the same color, for the children's room, the ideal option will be colored lights. If you are an avid fan Handmade - stock up your staples and immediately begin to make a wonderful lamp. It will become one of the most atmospheric things in your home, you'll see.

I'm sure, even the fact that you have to fix 50 cups of paper clips will not be able to restrain your desire to decorate the house so unusually!

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