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How to understand people

OK Understand people It is quite difficult, because a person is a book, often written in a language that is unfamiliar to us. Usually we judge people in anger, at first impression, which is often deceptive.

"so simple!" Invites you to read a very instructive parable that will tell you who to trust and who to watch out for.


How to learn to understand people

Once the disciple asked the elder:

- "How can I learn to understand people - who should I trust and whom should I fear?"

- "I'll tell you in the beginning who should be afraid"Said the elder.

- "Fear the most humble in appearance! When you see that someone is bowing before you, embraces you and shows you his unusual disposition, that you are afraid - most of all! "

- "How is it, older?" The pupil was surprised. - "explain to me!"

- "Because he is the first to betray you!" Replied the old man with a sigh.

- "But who should I trust?" The disciple asked.

- "Trust those who are simple with you and tell youThe truth, whatever it may be, these people will be the first to come to your aid! True humility is always imperceptible, so it is difficult to find; But when you find it, it will never betray you. "

Adhere to this advice so that others can not fail you or disappoint you. Following the advice of a sage, you will be able to find loyal and devoted friends.

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