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20 original winter scarves

This is a collection of winter scarves, made by craftsmen from all over the world. Connected by hooks and spokes, they perfectly complement Winter wardrobe. These original accessories look incredibly stylish!

Things that not only warm your throat in the winter cold, but also make others see you off with admiring or slightly surprised looks. Maybe you want to tie up the same Original scarf - enjoy, there is where to draw inspiration!

Original winter scarves

  1. Nice little fox.
  2. winter scarf

    winter scarf

  3. Cockatoo-scarf.
  4. winter scarf

  5. Cat's scarf.
  6. winter scarf

  7. White cockatoos.
  8. winter scarf

  9. Panda hipster.
  10. winter scarf

  11. Hobbit: back and forth along the scarf.
  12. winter scarf

  13. back to school.
  14. winter scarf

  15. Fox shawl.
  16. winter scarf

  17. Three-dimensional scarf-crocodile.
  18. winter scarf

  19. Scarf-badger.
  20. winter scarf

    winter scarf

  21. Watermelon fantasy.
  22. winter scarf

  23. Knitted scarf-chanterelle.
  24. winter scarf

    winter scarf

  25. bacon and eggs? Here it is a scarf!
  26. winter scarf

  27. Linen of the Kravitz in miniature.
  28. winter scarf

  29. This scarf will want many ...
    winter scarf

  30. Scarf-string.
  31. winter scarf

  32. Soft fleecy chanterelle ... lovely!
  33. winter scarf

    winter scarf

  34. Strange bunny.
  35. winter scarf

  36. Silver wolf.
  37. winter scarf

  38. An octopus scarf: what a nice color ...
  39. winter scarf

Such scarves can not be missed! Decorating yourself with such a wonderful thing, you will always be in the spotlight. Do not forget that the small details of your outfit play a big role.

From what you choose scarf, The overall impression will depend. Wear winter what you like, which goes well with a warm wardrobe. And do not be afraid to experiment - let these ideas inspire you to a creative approach to clothing!

These scarves must be seen by your friends!