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9 facts about orgasm

Do you know enough about orgasm, except the fact that people experiencing it suddenly become religious? ("Oh, my God, yes!") orgasm - a complex, interesting, amazing process.

Some scientific research reveals the incredible secrets of this most natural source of bliss. Learn something new about the top of sexual pleasure!

Unknown facts about orgasm

  1. The Ministry of Health recommends
    People who get regular orgasm, muchHealthier than those who are deprived of this pleasure. Especially for men aged 45-50 years - those who experience orgasm twice a week, save themselves from heart failure and other heart problems. Orgasm has a general strengthening effect on the body, stimulates the work of immunity.
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  2. Treasured distance
    Alfred Kinsey in his famous studiesHuman sexuality measured how great the distance of the ejaculation of different people. The champion was a man who was able to send his seed into the distance for as much as 2, 5 meters. The film recommended for viewing is "Dr. Kinsey" (2004)
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  3. Point g
    There is no proven fact that there is a given point. So relax, it's a myth - do not waste your energy searching for something that is not. It is better to direct them to achieve orgasm by proven methods.
  4. Entertaining yoga
    But the fact that some women can get an orgasm during yoga is true. This is rare, but still impressive!
  5. Women are lucky
    The average duration of female orgasm is 20 seconds, for men this phenomenon lasts only 10-15 seconds.
  6. "Nightly" orgasms
    As it turned out, women are also able to experienceOrgasm during sleep. According to a scientific study, 37 percent of women tested it at least once in their life, and 30 percent experienced such orgasm during the previous year.
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  7. Profitable zone
    When stimulating the female nipples, the same part of the cerebral cortex is excited as in the stimulation of the genital organs. So make the right conclusions!
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  8. Funny strangeness
    Many people have an amazing ability to sneeze or cough right after orgasm. This uncontrolled mechanism has been known for a long time and is still being studied.
  9. Super-speed
    Women can induce orgasm during self-satisfaction incredibly quickly - sometimes just 4 minutes!

Sexually satisfied people are much closer toFortunately, than all the others. This article reminds you that orgasm is not only a habitual attribute of sex. Your body needs constant orgasms, it's just as important as nutrition and drinking regimen!

In addition, the nervous system also needs relief - it is known that During an orgasm In the human brain, the center responsible for emotions is turned off. There is a kind of reboot, and adaptation to stress passes better.

Wish your friends bright orgasms and show them this article!