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5 Tibetan exercises

Increase flexibility of the body - one of my favoritesTraining. The fact is that quality stretching and exercises for flexibility strengthen the muscles of the body even better than working with heavy weight in the gym!

This simple practice comes from Tibet, and it gives an excellent result. And you will have to spend only 10 minutes of your valuable time for such a lesson. Apparent Muscle tightening Body occurs after 2 weeks of active training.

Another plus: Tibetan exercises are very gentle and are accessible even for old women! You will not notice any injuries and muscle pain, even if you try very hard during the execution of these exercises. Perhaps this is the secret of the youth of Tibetan monks ...

Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation

Exercise should be done in the morning - so they are most effective. Start with 7 repetitions and gradually increase their number to 20.

  1. Lie down on the floor face down. Rise, slowly and gradually, stretching the muscles of the back and neck. Keep your hands straight and focus on them. Stay in a tense position for a short while, smoothly sink down.
  2. Tibetan Exercises

  3. Sit with your legs straight before you. Take your hands and feet on the floor, trying to keep the trunk as level as possible. The head should be on one level with the shoulders, very slightly lift it up. Breathe deeply, exhaling when relaxing muscles.
  4. Tibetan Exercises

  5. Kneel, press your toes to the floor. Put your hands on the muscles of your hips. Pull your head up, bend your back. The more you get angry - the better. Gently return to the starting position, watch for an even and deep breathing.
  6. Tibetan Exercises

  7. Lie on the floor, stretch your arms along the trunk. Inhaling, raise your head from the floor, press your chin to your chest. Lift your legs, watch them to be even and your knees are on the same level. Exhale slowly, lowering your head and feet to the floor. Try to breathe as deep as possible.
  8. Tibetan Exercises

  9. Stretch your arms horizontally to the sides, palmsdown. Make sure that your hands are at the same level with your shoulders. Keep your feet on the width of your shoulders. In this position, do circular motions with your back clockwise. Maybe a slight dizziness, but if you look straight ahead, this effect will quickly disappear.
  10. Tibetan Exercises

To do such useful exercises, you do not need special physical training - you can easily train on this Tibetan technique, even having health problems.

Youth means flexibility and movement, preserveIts natural flexibility and improve it, using this practice. The flow of blood to the muscles will help you to always be in good shape and feel cheerful at any age!

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