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A plant in a light bulb

Small parts act out a very big role in the successful design of the room. Such a tiny thing as this light bulb with a plant inside, is able to completely change The atmosphere of the room. And how much joy for the children - they will spend hours fascinatingly examining the elegant plant inside the fragile glass ...

You may not believe that you have made this beauty yourself, but it's really easy to create with your own hands. Let's start the process of creating a mini-garden inside a regular light bulb!

Mini garden in a light bulb

Plant in a bulb

You will need

  • Bulb
  • Thin-nosed pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver

Pliers, screwdriver, light bulb


  1. The most difficult thing is to remove the bulb holder. To start removing the tip, slightly pulling on a piece of black material.
  2. Bulb

  3. Pull the element out completely until it disappears from the light bulb all.
  4. Bulb

  5. Strongly, but gently hold the light bulb and remove the glass inside.
  6. Bulb

  7. Take out all the details from the light bulb, it must be absolutely empty. Treat the edges of the holes so that they are not sharp.
  8. Sand before falling asleep in a light bulb is good and warm in the oven - for disinfection. Fill the necessary amount of sand in the bulb with a piece of cardboard or funnel.
  9. Put a piece of dry moss in a light bulb, Tillandsia grows very well in such conditions. This plant is really very unpretentious - even in a light bulb can live.
  10. Plant in a bulb

  11. Use colored glass, pebbles, beads to complete the composition, make a small garden original. You can put even small plastic figures inside.
  12. Plant in a bulb

Do not use to just create a tiny garden just picked up moss and earth, do not hold a light bulb in the dark and under direct sunlight - and then you will surely succeed!

Once a week lightly moisten the moss with a spray gun,it would be enough. A flower bed in a light bulb is what you need to make yourself and others feel pleasant. Try to make such an interesting craft for joy to all!

A light bulb with a plant inside is something absolutely extraordinary, show it to your friends!