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15 Ways to Decorate a Pie

birthday cake - not only a delicious dish, which is proudMistress. This pie - a whole space for creativity! Even if you cook a delicacy just like that, and not for a special occasion, you can give it a completely delicious look. All you need is a little inspiration.

If suddenly your fantasy refuses to invent Decorations for baking, Nothing wrong with that. Look what you can do, using your patience and perseverance. Some options are not at all complicated, but they still look very impressive. Take note of these ideas for making a pie, this is the source of inspiration, which you can not resist!

How to decorate a cake

  1. Pigtails look very cool, and can make them any.
    Pigtails on a pie
  2. Another option with a pigtail - very suitable for unsweetened pies.
    Pigtails on a pie
  3. Zigzags look original, especially if you make them neat.
    Zigzag pie
  4. Gentle and romantic pie will come from someone who is not too lazy to cut a little from the dough. It's quite simple ...
    Romantic cake
  5. Cut out the hearts with biscuit molds and lay them over the cake - a great idea. For lovers of each other and people's pies.
    Pie with hearts
  6. Pie in holes - very cozy, truly home-like.
    Pie in holes
  7. It can not be simpler: you can cut any pie from the dough by circles, and it will immediately become elegant.
    Dough circles
  8. To make such leaves, you need to spend time, but it's worth it.
    Pie with dough leaves
  9. Patterns from the dough - aerobatics, but why not try?
    Patterns from dough
  10. Put the pieces of dough into such a simple ornament easily, but it will turn out to be very spectacular.
    Dough flowers
  11. Such a frame will appeal to all. A wonderful base for a stuffed pie!
    Unusual cake
  12. Simple and very beneficial way of decorating the cake - use of cookie cutlery. Option with flowers.
    Idea for a pie
  13. You can choose the cookie cutter and the more original one, like these.
    Cookie cutters
  14. Devices for decorative dough dough a lot, decorating options - even more.
    Turkey pie
  15. Creativity always gives the best results!
    Original cake

Please yourself and your loved ones with such beauty. Take into account that the more beautiful the pie is, the faster it will be eaten. Do not be afraid to show creativity when decorating different dishes - this is a great way to make pastime in the kitchen much more exciting and get a wonderful result.

These options Cake decoration Worth to show friends!