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Banana mono-diet

It's no secret that bananas are extremely usefulfruit. High content of nutrients, fructose, sucrose, glucose and fiber, which are in bananas, will ensure saturation of the body for a long period.

These fruits have all the necessary substances forMaintenance of forces and health of the person. In addition, bananas have an amazing property to remove harmful substances from the body. Julia Tarbat is a nutritionist who dared to hold Detox of the body With the help of bananas.

For 12 days she ate only bananas, and ecologically pure fruits grown on the island. The action that bananas had on her health, changed the girl's life!

Banana diet

Before the start of the diet, Julia had health problems. High blood sugar, digestive problems, thrush, depression and Hormonal imbalance Her body was in such a deplorable state. In addition, for a long period of time, Julia could not conceive.

The way to banana mono-diet was gradual -In the beginning she and her husband became vegetarians. In time, Julia and Paul got their own farm, where they began to grow fruits and vegetables. They conducted the experiment together, the pavel supported his wife.

Banana diet

There are only bananas for 12 days ... this is will power! But the result the girl noticed immediately.

Banana mono

  1. "My digestive organs have never worked so well. No discomfort! Surprising ease, I did not pay any attention to what is happening in my stomach. "
  2. "I became more relaxed, calm,Purposeful. Bananas gave me enough energy to do my daily work, but this did not become an additional burden for the body. "
  3. "For the first time in my life I noticed that I manage to do everything planned for the day and do not strain at all."

After the end of the diet, Julia noticed that her skinIt became wonderful to look, turned into a smooth and velvety. Well-being was at the highest level! A couple of weeks the girl became pregnant, and yet she dreamed about it for several years. The body cleansed of toxins, the work of all vital systems was established.

Of course, to make such a radical decision, as a fruit mono-diet, you need to consult a doctor.

Eat bananas recommended to everyone who suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system, Digestive disorders, Problems with arterial pressure. Bananas are advised to introduce into the diet of patients with cancer, the presence of these fruits in the children's menu is mandatory.

Be sure to share the story of this girl with friends! With the help of properly planned nutrition, you can solve a lot of health problems, and that's fine.