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Feng Shui for home

Imagine that you decided to arrangeA delightful party in your house. Multicolored lights twinkle, colorful tablets attract the eye, the food smells fabulously, the music plays delightfully, only the long-awaited guests are missing. What happens inside your home is sure to please anyone, but the first thing that the guests see is the door. Have you thought of her? Or do you think that this is not important?


How to draw luck in your house

Feng shui front door Is one that needs to be given special attention. What happens inside the house, first of all, displays the entrance to it. It's like the eyes - the mirror of the soul. They help to perceive a person as he really is. Looking into the eyes, we get a first impression of their owner. So it is with the house. Having deciphered all the details, one can understand: you are happy here or not, what kind of people live in this dwelling, what they love, what they live.


Making the entrance kind, light and pleasantEye, you will attract prospects, luck and a pleasant environment. Your house is filled with positive energy from the doorway! It flows through the whole space and beckons with itself the fluids of happiness and inspiration!

Follow these tips if you want to fill your home with a bright, positive energy:

  1. Make sure that the space around the entrance contributes to attracting positive energy.
    Wipe the front door, get a new carpet (or put the old one in order), sweep the floor at the entrance. Keep this place clean. This is a simple, but very effective ritual!
  2. Fill the porch with flowers as far as possible.
    Do not forget to follow them. Let the colorfulness and pleasant aroma beckon your health into your house! With the help of plants, you also have your home to success!
  3. Hang the wind chime behind the door.
    When his twigs will ring, then the good energy will not recede, but only rush with even more force!
  4. Update the nameplate if you live in a private house.
    If you have an apartment - do it with the number on theDoors. Polish it, attach it more firmly in a prominent place. If the words and figures have faded - paint them with paint. This is necessary in order to be noticeable, where there lives a person who has prosperity to himself!
  5. Daily use the front door.
    This indicates that you should often take people in your home, thereby voluntarily inviting good luck to the house! If the building has a back door, then use it less.
  6. Keep the passage at the door completely free.
    The wider the door opens, the moreProbability that unlimited opportunities will fall into the house! If you clutter the entrance with things, then the probability is much reduced. Remove the shoes in the basket, put the keys on the hooks, bag the device in a convenient place. The passage must also be free, without any obstacles!

If the entrance to your house is careless, sloppy andDirty - it does not let in it energy, time and money. Luck will not then look at him and pass by, considering that it is not expected here. Millions of opportunities pass us by every day, and, perhaps, precisely because of our attitude towards the door, and does not visit our home.

Supporters of Feng Shui have long noticed that the front door represents our attitude to the world. It is she who collects and releases all the positive things that must get into the house.

Feng Shui

Of course, many skeptics will not find in these councilsNothing sensible, but the main thing is to believe. Faith will help to draw energy to your doorstep, help to keep and correctly use its gifts. It's not for nothing that feng shui is considered the best method for finding favorable energy flows, as well as using them for the benefit of man. Use it correctly and the result will not keep you waiting!

Share this information with your friends, attract good luck to your home and enjoy great results together!