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Wise teacher trick

The essence of this truth is so brilliant that it can not be conveyed in words alone. Cunning trick of the teacher, Which was able not only to teach the idlers from the back rows, but also managed to give children an invaluable understanding of the need for education.

The school teacher decided to present an important life lesson to his students. He did not begin to read a boring lecture, but did it more interestingly, using Interactive exercise. All he needed was a crumpled sheet of paper (for each student) and a garbage box, which he placed in front of the classroom.

trash can

After that he stated the conditions: "Imagine that you are not a class now, but everythingPopulation of our country. Everyone had a chance to get rich. But in order to move to a higher society, you need to kindle your lump of paper in the trash can, while not getting up from the place".

The results were quite predictable. Most of the students from the front rows got into the urn, and the back desks could not cope with the task.

Throw into the trash can

The teacher explained this in these words: "The closer you are to your goal, the moreYour chances of achieving it. This is called a privilege, which you must be able to use. When you are further from the desired, you begin to seek excuses, accuse someone of giving unequal conditions, you see a lot of obstacles. And those who were initially closer, can easily concentrate on the task, without thinking about anything superfluous, even about their own privilege.

That's how it works. privilege Can give a clear picture of the future, oPresent. It excites and distracts the attention of those who are behind us, but is trying to achieve the same goal. In fact, people who enjoy the privilege become an obstacle to those who have never seen it".

And as long as the teacher did not sum up the main result, the children, in bewilderment, tried to sort out the theory.
He summed up wisely: "In fact, it is important to realize that right now each of you has this glorified privilege that helps you to become better and more successful! it is called education. Do now everything possible to the future skillfully to use its gifts, to achieve all the most desired, deftly overtaking the one who preferred the back rows, excuses and accusations".

Naturally, on this Upbringing of promising children Can not be finished, but the most important thing is already laid, do not doubt! Help your child understand this truth, if you want to see it successful in the future.

Keep at home, so as not to lose this simple, but ingenious thought! And most importantly - effective!