/ / Method of the director of the school to improve the academic performance

The method of the director of the school to improve the academic performance

For a long time the pupils of this school were the most unsuccessful, but when the director changed just one thing, everything changed!

normal school day Can become a great stress for the child, after which he will not be able to concentrate either on his homework or on his hobbies.


Method for improving school performance

Director of one of the Michigan schools, after his school in 2010 was recognized as the worst in the state, came up with how to improve the work of his school.

with the aim of Reduce load And the length of the child's working day, heOffered to submit new material using online lectures that children can watch at home, and at school together with the teacher they already sorted out homework and practiced their skills.

During the classes he offered to make a video,So that students from outside can see their mistakes. This was actual in the lessons of physical culture and music. These videos were uploaded to the school's website so that the children could watch it online right away, even in the school library. Thus it is easier to learn and process new material.

It worked!


In fact, the child's working day turned overAccuracy to the contrary. Since the students came to the classroom, having already familiarized themselves with the material, there was more time for practice, so the quality of knowledge improved at times!

In 2011 the success of the school became known throughout the country. The Michigan school was the first to try this method. Today it is successfully used in all countries of the world.

Already in 2012 the success of the school has increased significantly! She was loved by both children and parents. But the most pleasant thing is that the students became more interested in receiving New knowledge.

Sometimes to get an incredibleResult, you need to resort to incredible, slightly crazy measures. This applies to any type of activity. The story of this school can be a vivid example of how important it is to improve what you do, sometimes take risks, and also do some crazy things!