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How to become an optimist

Getting into a difficult life situation, many people find themselves defenseless. Defenseless before themselves! Yes, do not be surprised - no matter how bad the eventHappened to a man, no matter how he was lousy - he always knows how to make himself worse. This amazing property is laid in character from childhood. Of course, some were lucky to be born in the environment that brought them up optimists. But what about those who are used to looking at the world through gloomy glasses? The only answer is to change.

Modern psychology has found out: the person reacts to the event in accordance with its appraisal opinion on this event. In other words, what you think about what is happening, Creates your state. Everyone wants to be happy, enjoy life, enjoy wonderful moments ... why not start right now?

You can not change what happened, notYou can in any way correct the situation. All you have to do is change your mind about it, try not to think like you used to. Here are 5 simple tips to help you cope with negative experiences. Do not treat them lightly - these recommendations can make your condition more Calm and joyful.

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How to start thinking positively

  1. Take the problem
    Just admit to yourself: yes, I'm upset. What's upsets me? What exactly? When you figure out what's worrying you so much, you'll see your enemy in person. Here's the situation that hurts me, now I know about it and can do something about it. To understand oneself is very important, listen to your inner voice even at times.
  2. Realize your choice
    Life consists of constant decisions that you take every day. What clothes to choose? What to eat? To react to everything with a decadent mood or to be an optimist? Realize that you choose.

    Try to choose optimism at least once as a model of your behavior - for interest. Suddenly you'll like it! Remember: being sad or positive is your personal choice.

  3. Say positive words
    During the heavy, full tension and agitation of the day, pronounce the words with a positive charge. For example: "I hope", "we will find a solution", "everything will go well," "I believe that everything will be fine."

    The words you say are very strongAffect your mood and well-being. So why make things worse with complaints and lamentations? It is much better to push the leverage of positive thinking with such simple phrases.

  4. Communicate with optimistic people
    Watch people who createPositive atmosphere around them. Listen to what words they use. Optimism is contagious, and if you do not have enough of your own, borrow from friends cheerfulness and energy.
  5. Repeat affirmations
    Affirmation is the statement that you needPeriodically repeat to tune in to a certain state. Repeat periodically: "I will succeed", "I have a lot of energy and energy to cope with this", "I radiate positive emotions" and something like that.

    The most effective affirmation is the one youYou'll think up yourself. She will most suit a particular occasion and give you exactly what is needed at the moment. You might think it's mystic, but such settings surprisingly change the mood. The mood changes - everything changes around ...


Unfortunately, Society of consumption It is beneficial that people constantly suffer. Smoking, alcohol, drugs - all these are areas where huge money revolves. To sell more artificial substitutes for happiness, more clients are needed - people who are dissatisfied with life, unhappy, offended.

Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions so that everyone feels like a nonentity in full measure. Do not be led to this massive deception! You have everything to feel A full-fledged person, You have your life. Only you decide what to do with it, how to perceive what is happening. Often remember that the mood for positive will help you stay calm in any situation.

Remind your friends about how important it is to perceive life in Positive - Show them this article. To be an optimist is to be able to see the bright side of things. Let there be more such people!