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Why you should be afraid of good people

Each of us wants to be loved and respected, considered a good man. Many are trying to be just like that. But the mask "good-natured" rarely helps to live better! Try to just be assertive, polite, but honest. And first of all be yourself!

Why it's important to be yourself

This story about a quiet, modest and shy girl who once thought: "Will this image benefit me in the future?". Think about it.

When you're trying to focus on how Prove yourself good And pleasant for others, sooner or later itYou will be ruined. You can not adequately respond to your abuser, you can not stand up for yourself. You will lose yourself in this image, you will lose your beliefs.

"We think that we give the world a great service, because we are so comfortable with others! We are not filled with anger, but fill all around with kindness! ". Stop thinking like that.

And this does not mean that you must instantly turn into an evil gnome. Just remember who you really are, show yourself, and others will appreciate it much more!

Enough to be insecure and self-contained! Because if you do not manifest yourself, then you do not believe in yourself!

If you do not become more sociable, you will not make decisions, people will perceive your behavior as secrecy, and soon there will be distrust towards you.

Without manifesting yourself, you may lose even your own opinion, lose confidence in yourself.

The girl asked another question: "What is really good about being so passive in my life position?". Try to find the answer to this question:

Probably nothing. Others perceive you as a bore, and will soon become alienated.

If you agree with everything you say, in order to preserve your own peace, then you will never become caring, dynamic and unique to society.

It is important to understand that having your own opinion, manifesting yourself in something, you also can remain a good person!

Express, communicate, criticize - this you will show your Interest in man, Later you will attract interest to yourself. And this is a real interest, even let it be negative, but not a lie.

In fact, as many studies have shown, people do not like either too generous or too selfish. They are attracted by the "golden mean". Feel it and show the world!

I do not want to say that good people are weak, I want to push you to meditation: "How sincerely do you show your" goodness ", and are not you mistaken in your beliefs?".

Strive for development, honesty, activity! Remember who you really are! Express yourself and do not let insult!

This article is about how to stop being afraid of being yourself. If you're ridiculous and unclear about this phrase, it's worth pondering ...

Share these findings with your friends, let them think about their Life position. You will have a wonderful occasion for a friendly conversation!