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Benefits of sharing sleep

Science revealed the reason for the bad mood in the mornings Single people: All because they are sleeping alone. Hence the depression, constant frustration and a lack of sense of security. Sleeping with a partner in one bed is extremely healthy, so if you are still lonely, now you realize the need for change in life.

Shared sleep

Benefit of sharing sleep

  1. As a rule, people who live with someone have better health and live longer than single people of their own age. Sleep in one bed with a partner Reduces the amount of the hormone Cortisol in blood. It is a stress hormone that is produced during protective reactions. Excess cortisol can lead to weight gain, cortisol has a destructive effect on the work of the heart, the nervous system.
  2. But the blood content of the hormone Oxytocin Increases during joint sleep! Yet this hormone is called the "hormone of falling in love". Oxytocin relieves anxiety, also this hormone is involved in the regulation of the cycles "wakefulness is a dream." People with sufficient and elevated levels of oxytocin in the blood never suffer from insomnia. This problem is familiar to many women, and now you know the solution!
  3. If you are faced with a difficult day ahead of you, full of stress, there is no better means than sleeping, pressing against your partner. It's very reassuring, Tactile contact Immediately removes the inner anxiety, you fall asleep calmly and can recover well during sleep before the coming workday.
  4. To further enhance the security effect that sleep creates in one bed, both partners must sleep naked. Hugging while sleeping, the couple will feel Very close contact. It strengthens relationships, introduces intimacy. And what can be more pleasant than sleeping with a loved one ...

Maybe it's worth thinking about once again, is it really good to sleep alone? freedom, Which you feel, being alone, will not give you such advantages as living with someone really close.