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Rule 72 hours

Every person has a dream, it can be small or very large. So that any dream becomes a reality you need not only Correctly formulate one's desire, But also to work, following the rule of 20 minutes.

Below is another very important rule that must be fulfilled if you want your dreams to turn into reality.

72 hours rule

German writer and business coach Borough Shefer described the so-called rule of 72 hours. Its essence lies in the fact that if you have any Plans or dreams, You must start performing them within 72 hours of their appearance. It can be even a very small step, but in your understanding it must necessarily lead to the realization of your dream.

Watch on hand

And psychologists and mystics have their own view of the rule of 72 hours. Mystics say that if you do nothing to fulfill your dream, universe Postpones desires as inessential for you and no longer helps you in their implementation.

Psychologists say that your subconscious mind tooDivides plans and dreams into significant and insignificant by how seriously you intend to fulfill them. 72 hours or 3 days is just the time when your desire is still fresh, and it must be confirmed by actions.

If you have a dream, do not postpone it until later, within 72 hours, start making small steps to meet her. Even they will bring you closer to success. The main thing - perseverance and desire!

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