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Basic rules of etiquette

Etiquette is an indispensable part of modern society. Observance of Rules of etiquette Will show your politeness, courtesy andeducation. It is very important that our society respect them, because then it will be easier to be in the society, to interact with each other will be more pleasant and interesting!

Basic rules of etiquette

  1. How much about a person can say a handshake! The elder in age should give his hand first, while it is customary to look into each other's eyes. If you look away - this can be perceived as disrespect or deceit in your intentions. Women are not supposed to shake hands, but if she held out to her - answer the same, but remember that you need to shake no less than she. Because so a woman can think that you are a weakling.
  2. What flowers can you give to men?
    it can be: Chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, orchids, bamboo, callas, lilies, anthuriums, gladioli, tulips, irises, gerberas, daisies, sunflowers. Their color is also important: white, blue, purple, burgundy, green.

    When you can give flowers to men:

    • The publication of a new book,
    • The publication of a new article,
    • birthday,
    • Awarding,
    • Sports victory,
    • scientific discovery,
    • movie premiere,
    • Concert premiere.
  3. During the feast, if soup is served - you can not tilt the plate. It is permissible to tilt it only from yourself, but it is better not to do this at all.
  4. When a lady leaves the table - men are obliged to get up.
  5. When the husband and wife call each other differently caressing words - this is considered vulgar.
  6. If you drink a drink through a tube - do not you dare drink everything to the last drop!
  7. How to behave in a restaurant:

    • When you eat - do not invade your neighbor's space with your elbows,
    • Cut large pieces into small pieces,
    • Do not blow on hot food,
    • Do not lick your fingers, use a napkin,
    • Constantly soak a mouth with a napkin,
    • Do not talk with your mouth full,
    • Do not put the phone on the table.
  8. If you chew chewing gum in public, then you risk being boorish.
  9. How to climb the stairs:
    • A man must give way to women, children and the elderly;
    • If a man with a weight in his hands walks up the stairs, it is worth stopping or stepping off the steps;
    • If a man climbs the stairs with a woman, then he must go ahead, giving her a hand.
  10. If you are tired when talking, or you get bored - do not be distracted by the clock, phone, notebook. This can be regarded as a strong disrespect to the interlocutor!

Remember that rules of etiquette Include not only decent behavior, but also the appearance, the culture of speech, the ability to control their emotions.

Are also very important: mindfulness, the ability to listen to the interlocutor, the ability to help those in need. Unfortunately, only 10% of people are familiar with these rules.

You have a wonderful opportunity to make your friends aware! Share with them this record and enjoy the politeness in your environment!