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Wooden Photo

Photographers and photographers use Way to send photos On a variety of surfaces for many years. Now and you have the opportunity to try this method. The next time you print out the photos, try to transfer one of them to such a wooden board. Believe me, you will have a real masterpiece!

To create such a miracle, you will need a printed photo, a polished tablet, a brush, a medium gel and a decoupage adhesive. The entire creation process is shown in this video step by step!

How to make a wooden photo

First this girl put the gel on the surfaceAnd placed a photo face down on it. She left the gel to dry for the night. Then she wet the photo and started gently rolling the paper from the picture. She took a layer of paper and then covered the resulting picture with glue for decoupage.

Gorgeous! Such a wooden photograph fits perfectly into any interior and will give the design Vintage note.

Show this idea to your friends, they just want to do the same!