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Foci with microwave oven

Do not know what to entertain guests at a party? From board games, everyone is tired, the twister has become boring for a long time, and karaoke is pretty boring. Do not be sad, because now you can surprise others Tricks with a microwave. Surprised? Believe: with these plague experiments, any party will turn into real fun. This is still not exactly seen!

These tricks are a real find. Be extremely sharp, this time everything is serious: the props can be burned, and the microwave, most likely, will break. To reduce the risk, put on the mittens and do not hold the stove on for longer than 45 seconds. And go away just in case. Such at physics lessons you just will not be shown!

What can you do with a microwave oven

  1. Electronically
    It's no secret that the era of CDs is far behind. There were a few such "rarities" at home? This way you can not only permanently get rid of the information on the disc, but also give a second life to the album "ride the lightning" of the metallica group. Ready for experiments?

    Put the cd into the microwave shiny sideUp, turn on the maximum power. Small lightning, running through its surface, with a crash will destroy the disk. Freshly prepared album is prepared quickly, so do not forget to turn off the microwave in time. Admire the result: this disk is not a single music lover.

  2. Foci with a microwave

  3. Plasmograd
    Always wanted to know where the light comes from? You have a great opportunity to observe it with your own eyes! For this you have to do ... a homemade plasma generator. You need grape seeds, a glass and a knife. Bite off or cut off the top of the grapes (which is attached to the twig), and the remaining part is cut along the halves so that they do not separate at all, but keep on a piece of skin.

    Cover the cut berry with a glass and put it inMicrowave oven for medium power. Observe the appearance of plasma, holding back the hiccups of sacred terror. No, this is not magic, but elementary physics: the electric current generated in the halves, quickly dries the peel (still, the temperature reaches 3000 ° c!), And the electrons rush to each other through the air. Now do you understand how it is at the speed of light?

  4. Foci with a microwave

  5. Magic lamp
    Aladdin himself would be so envious! For this experiment, fill the glass with water halfway and put it on top of the light bulb so that the contacts are under water. Put this strange construction in the microwave and start the heating button. Do not be surprised when the light starts to glow: it's not Satanism, it's the school physics course. Gin and not fly out, you can not wait, but friends from what they have seen will remain in shock!
  6. Foci with a microwave

  7. Attack of mutants
    Do you want to see a picture of the end of the world? To reproduce this scene is easy, the truth, such sight is far not for the faint-hearted. Take the bears, pigs, worms or any other animals that populate the bags with chewing marmalade, and put them on a paper napkin. Carefully place this "zoo" in the bowels of the microwave. Turn on the average heat and observe the miraculous transformations of innocuous animals into the messengers of the apocalypse. The end of the world looks exactly like that!
  8. Foci with a microwave

Well, how do you like these tricks? They really will force you to reconsider the school course of physics. Rather show them to your friends - in comparison with you, Copperfield now definitely rest! The main thing - be careful.

Share these tricks with your friends, let them also experiment at home!