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Why dogs are better than men

The dog did not just deserve the rank Man's best friend. She always waits with trepidation when you return home, and still wag your tail joyfully. A dog can always cheer and cheer up.

is yours Four-legged friend Never ask to sign a marriageContract, to go out with friends to a beer and hardly require anything new from you in bed. The dog loves all your jokes, your friends and even your mother. She gladly eats your concoction and sometimes even asks for an additive.

"so simple!" Leads 30 irrefutable arguments why the dogStill better than the guy. Attention: when reading the following information, it is strongly recommended to take all male representatives away from monitors.

Why is a dog better than a man

  1. In the world there is no one happier than the dog that meets you when you return home.
  2. A dog (as a rule) does not take up much space in bed.
  3. A dog is better than a man

  4. The dog will always listen to how your day went.
  5. The dog will not rend your secret secrets to anyone.
  6. The dog does not mind that you share all the gossip with it.
  7. The dog loves to dance with you.
  8. You do not have to get acquainted with the parents of the dog.
  9. The dog always likes the song that you put.
  10. The dog - the eater is not fastidious, he will also gladly take care of the leftovers.
  11. The dog will never deceive you.
  12. A dog is better than a man

  13. The dog allows you to put a collar on her and does not think that you are trying to "snoop" it.
  14. The dog does not spend money on taverns, smelly cigars and other dubious entertainments.
  15. The dog likes all your jokes.
  16. The dog never hides his games with other dogs.
  17. The dog will not condemn you for all the mistakes made.
  18. The dog rejoices at all your successes.
  19. The dog loves all your friends.
  20. The dog is not jealous of you to all passers-by or to the former.
  21. Surely the dog considers you a talented singer.
  22. The dog will not judge you for eating a kilogram of ice cream for the night.
  23. You completely coincide tastes in serials, music and clothes.
  24. The dog never avoids taking pictures with you. Moreover, she is so photogenic!
  25. The dog never objects when you change it to halloween.
  26. A dog is better than a man

  27. You just can not get angry with the dog for more than a few minutes.
  28. The dog will not notice that you are wearing the same clothes for the third day in a row.
  29. The dog feels guilty if it does not do the right thing.
  30. The dog does not worry if you earn more.
  31. You do not need to be soared about the fact that the dog liked the birthday present.
  32. The dog never takes offense at the fact that you play in her toys - she will always gladly share them.
  33. The dog wants to be with you always.

It's all, of course, not serious, but, likeSaid, in every joke ... in fact, no one is to be replaced by anyone. But if you're thinking about getting a cute four-footed pet, these 30 arguments should dot the "and". The dog will be with you always, Not demanding anything in return. Do not hesitate, to the devotion of these animals to a man still oh how far!

And now show this post to your lover - I wonder how he will react?