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Stylish things from the trash

If you are in a garage or on a balcony going onDisorder, do not rush to throw away your things. Adding a little imagination, you can create from the old rubbish almost something designer things that none of your friends or acquaintances will have. They will please you with their beauty and functionality. So never throw things that are unnecessary at first glance.

Stylish things from the trash

  1. From empty bottles of beer or wine you can create a stylish Hanger For outerwear.
  2. A hanger from a bottle

  3. An old unusable boat can turn into such a beautiful cradle.
  4. Cradle of a boat

  5. It did not turn out to become a great pianist? Do It aquarium From his piano.
  6. Piano aquarium

  7. Without much effort, you can make a comfortable swing from an old skateboard.
  8. You can replace the regular arbor with such original Wigwam, Whose base is made of an old trampoline.
  9. Wigwam from trampoline

  10. From unnecessary hangers you can make a unique one of its kind armchair.
  11. Armchair from hangers

  12. Old bike can become stylish Vintage detail Your bathroom.
  13. Bicycle in the bathroom

  14. Cats adore different boxes and suitcases. Your darling will not want to get out of this Cribs.
  15. Bed for a cat from a suitcase

  16. If the garage is full of unnecessary parts from the bike, you can make a wonderful Chandelier.
  17. Chandelier from a bicycle

  18. Another option for using the old A suitcase.
  19. Old suitcase

  20. A great idea to create Candlesticks From cans.
  21. Can candlesticks from cans

  22. From ordinary pipes you can create unusual bookshelves.
  23. Bookshelves for books from pipes

I will certainly make for my cat the same bed from the old suitcase. and you Do not sit back!! Which idea did you like the most?

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