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Chandelier ball of thread

Sometimes there is an irresistible desire to update your interior. as if designer, Who all the time drowsing inside of you, wakes up and starts to rush about in search of an interesting idea.

When an attack of home improvement visits you next time, remember this chandelier in the form of a ball. such shade You will do very quickly from the simplest materials, but it looks refined and refined.

Of course, if you try and do everything neatly. Similar chandelier-balls of thread were popular 15 years ago. But this detail of the interior will look very stylish in a modern apartment!


You will need

  • Yarn (cotton or acrylic)
  • Round balloon
  • petrolatum
  • Adhesive (can be a pava or a thick wallpaper paste)


  1. Soak the yarn in the glue. You can take both white and colored threads - at your discretion.
  2. Inflate the ball, smear it with petroleum jelly. Tightly wind the threads around the ball. So that you can do it without problems, make sure that the ball was well inflated.
  3. Leave the lampshade to dry for six hours, better - all night. When the threads are well dried, the ball can be blown off and removed! The chandelier is ready.
    Chandelier ball

It turns out a chic lampshade from ordinary threads -Just a feast for the eyes. A great idea for those who like to decorate a house with things made by themselves. It is possible to create a chandelier with the child - a good idea for Joint leisure.

A similar lampshade is a wonderful gift for a gift, especially for a housewarming party. Watch this video with step by step instructions - so you need to make a chandelier ball of thread.

Decorate your house with the most delicious things! Share your inspiration with your friends - tell them how to make a wonderful plafond of simple threads.