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Exercise for chest and back

The beautiful half of humanity often has hips andButtocks are much larger than the shoulders. This can be due to both genetics and excess weight. If you want to visually reduce the lower part of the body, it is worth paying more attention Exercises for the back, Then the figure will look more proportional.

At Losing weight In any case, first the fat will leave the upper part of the body, therefore, by training your back, you can reduce the disproportion of the top and bottom. Very often the back is trained simultaneously with the muscles of the chest.

Training for the muscles of the back and chest

Today "so simple!" Has prepared for you a very intensive training for the muscles of the back and chest, which will help you make the upper body more embossed, improve posture and simply strengthen the muscles!

Doing this program, you can quickly see the remarkable result of your efforts. Train the muscles of your chest and back and share this video with your friends!