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20 films about women

It is not enough to be a woman to understand a woman. These films show the universe of the female soul, whose versatility is impressive. On the eve of March 8, it is especially pleasant to observe such different, but in own way remarkable heroines of films. Set up a week Movie about women, Look at yourself and others in a new way!

20 films about women

  1. "Diary of Bridget Jones"
    This film is similar to documentary films: The main character falls into such life situations, which are familiar to real women. How not to get caught on the hook of illusions and cease to be disappointed? What to choose - a relationship or a career? Actress Renee Zellweger will show you the inner world of a woman in a cut.
  2. Diary of Bridget Jones

  3. "Sweet November"
    If you imagine a handsome man,Which will please absolutely all women, then just like that. The main character of this film shines with its charm. Kyanu reves showed everyone what an ideal lover should be. A film that inspires to treat life with passion.
  4. Sweet November

  5. "big eyes"
    Why is a woman willing to endure everything for the sake of love? Even the bestial attitude of a beloved ... it's better to find out about this from the main character of this wonderful film. Director Tim Boutron told the story of a woman who voluntarily sacrificed himself to the one who is next to her.
  6. big eyes

  7. "Education of the senses"
    At what point does a girl become a woman? How do female emotions mature? Why are women so sensitive? These secrets lie on the surface ...
  8. Education of the senses

  9. "jasmine"
    A woman who lost everything she could lose. Where does the heroine have so much courage to start her own way of life first? It's amazing how in one fragile being so easily gets on femininity and really man's power. Strong-willed woman - a familiar phenomenon in the modern world, whose sad beauty can not be remembered once again.
  10. jasmine

  11. "Baby"
    A film about a little capricious girl whoLives inside every woman. If you stop controlling yourself, she will take power into her own hands. Hysterics, mood changes, constant pranks and moods will immediately take hold of a woman. what is so good about it? Perhaps, thanks to this film the answer will be clear.
  12. Babe

  13. "Ameli"
    Every woman can believe in miracles. The ability to marvel at life in all its manifestations and rejoice in trifles - the charming features of a feminine character. The soundtrack of this film seemed to descend from heaven, and the one to it - it's impossible to be beautiful.
  14. Ameli

  15. "Tariff for moonlight"
    The story of a real female friendship. This film shows the underside of women's experiences about everything that plays a huge role in the life of any woman. The main character with pleasure comments on her personal life and experiences, associated with her. That's what women really think about ...
  16. Moonlight rate

  17. "August"
    Most hurt the most close people. Family - a place of rest for a man and a place of tireless labor for a woman. The film with a gorgeous Meryl strip in the title role tells that it is necessary to experience women in family relationships.
  18. August

  19. "Kate and leo"
    Too ideal to be true. The film will appeal to everyone who has become bored of romance and sugary stories. Sometimes it is necessary to represent an alternative reality, and this film coped well with the task.
  20. Kate and leo

  21. "Brave"
    Women's relationships are incredibly complex. Mother and daughter are not always a happy couple, sometimes women compete among themselves and can not get along. A cartoon that reveals all the maps of relations between women ...
  22. Brave

  23. "Leave for exchange"
    What does a woman need for happiness? All the representatives of the fair sex need love, understanding is necessary and support is necessary. Whatever a woman is, this is her most cherished dream.
  24. Exchange holiday

  25. "blonde in law"
    A comedy about a woman who likes to seem stupid - it's no secret that this can be a big benefit. The image of a foolish woman is tempting, because the main character is using it to the fullest.
  26. blonde in law

  27. "What do women desire"
    Chal gibson tried to glory and found out what women really want. You will be surprised, but this helped him a little ...
  28. What do women desire

  29. "Malena"
    Is it easy to be a beautiful woman? The fate of the beauties is often deplorable - no one dares approach them. Women escort the beauty envious views and secretly hate. Beauty can be a punishment, the film perfectly demonstrates this.
  30. Malena

  31. "Disappeared"
    If you offend a woman, do not be surprised at herIngenuity in matters of revenge. Female trickery, cunning and even some brutality are vividly conveyed in this film. Only very strong women can forgive.
  32. Disappeared

  33. "Tired under the sun"
    A film for all who are disappointed in themselves and in men. A light breeze, the sun and the freshness of the sea ... a touching story of how life can change for the better in an instant.
  34. Under the sun tuscany

  35. "Head in the clouds"
    The duet of two magnificent actresses will not leave anyone indifferent. The sensuality of female love is one of the greatest mysteries in the world. This movie should be enjoyed.
  36. Head in the clouds

  37. "love does not love"
    At first glance this film is a melodrama-blah. But do not make hasty conclusions! The woman is guided by emotions, cold-bloodedness is not a woman's feature. That's why to turn your life into hell any woman can for 5 minutes, and her own thoughts for this is enough.
  38. love does not love

  39. "girls"
    A kind, old film that has not lost its relevance even now. So many years have passed, but women have changed little, they are worried about all the same questions. Very touching picture.
  40. girls

Any woman is worthy of love and a fair relationship. These films remind us of the eternal truths that unite all women into one whole.

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