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Complexity of choice

We face daily the need for choice. Starting with small things and ending with such issues as creating a family, building a career or even moving to another country.

problem of choice Was and will always be relevant, so we have prepared for you a small puzzle that will prove to you that even a choice that seems obvious and most correct can only be an illusion.

How to make the right choice

If you met a pregnant woman who already has 8 children, three of them deaf, two blind, one mentally retarded, and the woman herself is sick with syphilis - would you advise her to have an abortion?

Before answering this question, read one more: you need to choose a new world leader, and your voice is decisive. Here is information on three candidates:

Candidate number 1: Communicates with impure politicians, consults with astrologers, he has two wives, smokes without stopping and drinks 8-10 glasses of martini a day.

Candidate number 2: Twice expelled from office, sleeps until noon, indulged in opium in college, drinks about a liter of whiskey every evening.

Candidate number 3: Has military awards, a vegetarian, does not smoke, drinks beer occasionally and never cheated on his wife.

The man feeds the pigeon

Which of the three will you choose?

The first candidate: Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Second candidate: Winston Churchill.
Third candidate: Adolf Gitler.

And, by the way, about abortion: if your answer is "yes", then you just killed Beethoven.

Incredible, huh? The answer, which seemed the most correct, turned out to be completely wrong. Choice is always very difficult, especially if the answer seems to you elementary.