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Unusual decoration on the wall

This is the most amazing sight I've seen in recent times. The guy who invented this unusual Idea for wall decoration In the house - just a genius. Create an incredible mirror with the effect of deception. It will take you some time, but the result is worth it. It's unlikely that any of your friends have a home like that. Believe me, they just envy.

Decoration on the wall

You will need

  • mirror
  • picture frame
  • glass
  • LED Strip Light
  • Film for window tinting
  • scissors
  • saw
  • Atomizer with soapy water
  • glue
  • Scotch


  1. First, remove the glass from the picture frame and place it on the film to tint the windows. Cut a piece of film that is a bit larger than glass.
  2. Then glue the three corners of the film with adhesive tape to the table. Slowly remove the top layer of the film, starting with a free angle. On the spot where the film layer was already taken, spray soapy water.
  3. Spatter on the glass with soapy water and put it on it.Film. Using a plastic card, smooth the surface to a smooth state. Leave for several hours to dry. Now gently cut off the unnecessary edges.
  4. Glass with a film put then in a picture frame,Toned side up. In one corner you need to cut a small hole, so that you can then pass through it the power cable of the LED strip.
  5. To the inside of the frame gluing the LED strip. The power cable is let out.
  6. Then install the mirror and glue the unnecessary residue of the LED tape on its back side.
  7. When you connect the cable, it will look like this.

It seems that the depth of this mirror is infinite.

You can hang this mirror in your living room. It looks like a window to another dimension.

more Detailed management For the manufacture, you can view it on video.

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