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20 Reasons to Meet a Simple Guy

I do not know why, but at some point in my lifeEvery girl wants to have a relationship with a "bad guy". Still, because with the advent of such relationships you get a passionate passion, a constant drama, unpredictability, intrigue in one bottle - in general, everything is in the best traditions of youth Hollywood movies and scandalous reality shows.

However, real life is very far from youthful ideas about Perfect relationship. When you realize that you are just fed upTo disentangle daily scandals, get involved in another intrigue, you're tired of unpredictability and inconstancy, it's time for insight. It turns out, "bad guy" - it's cool only in the movies, but for real life it's quite "not that coat".

So you need to look for someone who does not look likeOn the glamorous scum from movies, and one that will love you, appreciate, respect, admire, with whom you will be yourself. It is with such a simple guy that you will feel like a stone wall.

"so simple!" Offers you 20 undeniable facts, why you are very lucky to meet with an ordinary guy. And try not to agree!

Why should I choose a guy easier?

  1. He enjoys every little thing in life.
  2. He rarely has mood swings.
  3. He always comes, if he promised, not arranging unexpected surprises.
  4. He rejoices as a child, when his favorite football team wins. And to watch it - fine!
  5. It does not create a problem where there are none.
  6. He is honest with you and does not try to manipulate you.
  7. He does not mind fooling around sometimes, knowing that it will make you smile.
  8. He keeps his word.
  9. He will not exchange you for gambling and dubious pleasure.
  10. He will never make important decisions for you, leaving the right of choice for you.
  11. He bravely endures all troubles and is able to endure.
  12. He completely trusts you. However, like you to him.
  13. If he does not speak to you for a while, then, most likely, because the Champions League is broadcast on TV.
  14. He does not have conflicts with people who are dear to you.
  15. He can make you smile any minute.
  16. He speaks directly, without any hidden meanings.
  17. He will not make a scandal in front of all passers-by.
  18. You can always count on him.
  19. You spend the best time in your life with him, even when you just play bowling, sing under karaoke or watch a movie.
  20. He is your best friend.

It's hard to argue that everyone in the end wants to be with a person in whom you'll be 100% sure. The strong relationships Do not tolerate cheap intrigues, show-off speeches,Self-admiration and manipulation of the feelings of another. Just need a good choice with whom to spend time. Think about whether the temporary passion of the "bad boy" can replace the whole sincerity of the relationship with a simple guy who is ready for you for everything.

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