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Design of rooms

Given how much time people spend nowAt home, it is shameful to realize in what small and unsettled apartments many people have to live. If the home is the place where your heart lives, then it should make you happier!

When a person is surrounded by an interesting, goodWell-considered environment, the quality of his life is improving. Some of these ideas are too expensive and difficult to implement projects, but their basic principles can be adopted and used to transform their homes.

let Chic accommodation - it's just a dream, but you can change everything for the better, in whatever place was.

Room design

  1. Room for reading. Glass walls make it beautiful ...
    Reading room
  2. Original library. Oh, this place would become my personal corner.
  3. Everything reminds of the sea ...
    Room with ocean view
  4. A secret room for entertainment. Wood well very successfully used in design!
    Chamber of Secrets
  5. Steps on board the spaceship.
    Original steps
  6. It would be in such a room to visit at least once ... the wall clock-window - a delightful idea!
  7. Exquisite table-river.
    Original table
  8. Stained glass will decorate any space.
    Stained-glass windows
  9. Sill, which you so missed in childhood.
    Window sill
  10. Glowing in the dark walls! For children - the perfect solution.
    Glowing in the darkness of the wall

    Glowing in the darkness of the wall

  11. A green wall in the bathroom.
  12. The art of laying out the stones is impressive. Do you think there is room in your house for such a Mosaics?
  13. A lamp that turns a room into a real forest! Insanely beautiful.
    Original chandelier
  14. The house on the bed is almost the same as the house on the tree. The child will be carried away.
    Children's bed
  15. Starry sky in ... bathroom!
  16. Tree in the living room. Unexpectedly and very beautifully.
    Tree in the room
  17. Space wall.
    Space in the interior
  18. Wooden floor in the form of a puzzle.
    wooden floor
  19. a dream in reality. How could you think of such a fantastic table?
    Table of crystals
  20. When the blinds are better than the view from the window.
  21. Bright details Always beneficial effect on the interior.
    Bright carpets
  22. Bath-hammock. Two favorite subjects in one.

These ideas inspire Changes in the interior!! Gain inspiration and make life around you more beautiful. Even one small detail is capable of making the interior magical ...