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Treatment of maternal love

The power of maternal love is a proven phenomenon. Mother and child always connects Akin to feelingsO, which overcomes any distance and overcomes life's difficulties. Because my mother is ready for anything for her child ...

Experiment, which was conducted in England, completelyProves that the mother's love works wonders. To heal their children, moms agreed to have one very pleasant action every night. It was necessary to wait until the baby falls asleep, and in the active phase of sleep, which comes in 15 minutes after falling asleep, whisper words to the child for love.


Treatment of maternal love

"I love you. I'm proud of you. I'm very glad that you are my son. You are the best son for me. " Just such words were spoken by women to their children. The effect struck all the participants in the experiment and those who watched him: the kids who felt the love of mom, recovered faster!

It is possible to explain this phenomenon, of course, Hypnosis - during sleep the subconscious of the child is open to suggestion. A man who is loved, wants to live and immediately recovers. But maternal love does not lend itself to any rational explanations.

A child who often hears the words of love, grows up happy, A full-fledged person. During the day, not all mothers have the opportunity to pay attention to the child, but in the evening hours it is easier to do.

A sleeping little man will be shroudedMaternal emotions, he will be comfortable. Saying the words of love, you will be able to notice that the child is smiling in a dream. The closeness with your own child is felt very clearly at such moments.

Say what most want to tellTo the native person: tell me how proud you are that you have such a child that you would never exchange it for anyone else. The feeling of one's own uniqueness is necessary for the kid as well as for the adult person.

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Only a few minutes a day can be spent forIn order to nourish your child with the elixir of love. Say kind, sincere words not only in the evening, but throughout the day - you will see that Child's health It will become calmer, more joyful.

Words are valid, always think beforeSay something to the baby. Because if words pronounced with love have such an impressive effect, how do angry phrases work? The word can be healed, you can - destroy it. Use this power wisely.

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